HourRich Review: Innovative Platform With Up To 20% Hourly ROI

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Welcome to my HourRich Review!

Hourrich.com is the latest online investment platform that has caught my attention.

First thing that made me interested to look into this company more was the 20% hourly return on investment they have. This is very big, considering that they are only working in cryptocurrency investment.

Think about putting in 1 bitcoin and start earning 20% on that every hour!! So obviously I had to check them out and see if they are for real or not.

If you are curios like, and thinking about investing with them, make sure that your READ this till the END.

I am going to walk you through the company, their registration, certificate, legality and basically anything that you need to know before putting than even a dollar.

read on…

HourRich Review (Company)


HourRich is an online investment platform that allows everyone all over the world to join and participate in cryptocurrency investment.

The company is fairly new and they have been registered in 2020.

Checking their domain address on who.is I can see that hourrich.com has been registered on September 2019 and has been updated on November 2020.

HourRich Domain
hourrich registrant info

Furthermore, the registrant information is not private and as you can see the domain registrant information is from Phoenix Arizona. Now I did a quick Google search on that address ‘1928 e. highland ave. ste f104 pmb# 255 phoenix az 85016 us’ and the result was super interesting. Looks like the same address has been used for some other scams previously.

hourrich address arizona

So these were all the information that I gathered just from their domain.

Now let’s move on to a very important thing, which is, who is actually running the show.

Landing on their website, they do have an “About Us” page that shows 4 persons as their executive team.

However, they are two problems with these people and images.

First of all, none of the buttons below any of the images links to a website (i.e none of these people have any account on twitter, facebook or skype)

Second, they don’t exist on the internet. I did a quick google search on all of those names and I wasn’t able to find any data connecting any of them to HourRich LTD.

The only conclusion here is that, these are simply some stock photos with fake names. Yikes!!

Hourrich CEO

Now that I have establish that we don’t know who is running the company from their website, let’s see if I can find any more information on that from their registration.

They do have a UK Companies House registration put on their website, however it is not tappable, so I had to grab their company number and search for it myself.

Based on their UK registration, they have been incorporated on 20th of January 2020 under name of “HOUR RICH LTD“. The nature of their business is “financial management”. This means they need to have other certificates and registration to be able to operate legally.

HourRich UK Registration

The address on the registration form is completely different from the one I found in the domain registration above, however it is not a big of a deal. What is interesting though, is that searching for the address “7 Stratton Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, W1J 8LE” and it came up as a “For sale” property.

hourrich.com address

Honestly, these all look sketchy to me.

There is also a “People” section in the registration certificate that shows who is the director of the company. Based on what I can see there is a person called ‘ABERCROMBIE, Daniel‘ as a director of the company. As you can see this name wasn’t mentioned on their website in the “About Us” section.

In addition to that, I wasn’t able to find any digital footprint connecting this person to the Hour Rich LTD.

All I can assume this is, yet another fake name.

I am going to wrap up this section by giving a bit of info about the traffic and the domain rank of the hourrich.com. Based on the information on Alexa Rank and as of writing this blog post, hourrich.com has a rank of 94,198 and most of the traffic to the website is coming from India, following by Pakistan.

hourrich.com rank

HourRich Products

HourRich doesn’t have any retail-able product/services that you can buy and sell to a real customer. As a online cryptocurrency investment platform all they provide is investment plans that you can join, deposit and start earning passive income.

Hourrich.com also have an affiliate membership. You can join their affiliate membership for free and start promoting HourRich and earning commissions.

HourRich Reviews – Affiliate Membership

HourRich has a simple uni-level affiliate recruitment structure.


Uni-Level referral program starts with you at top, then whoever you personally recruit are going to be your Level 1 recruit.

After that, whoever your Level 1 recruits is going to be your Level 2.

This basically goes down an infinite level as it’s illustrated in the above image.

In the case of hourrich.com they seems like they cap the levels to only level one, which are your personally recruit.

You can earn from 0.5% – 10% commission on each deposit from members you invited to the project.

I wasn’t able to find out any details on how they decide how much commission you will earn. I would assume it would be based on the amount of money your referral deposit.

Also, you don’t have to be an active investor in order to earn up to 10% commission.

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HourRich Review – Compensation Plan

HourRich has 3 Compensation/investment plan that you can join.

You can earn up to 20% hourly return on your investment with their plans.

Below are their available plans:

1.15%-1.5% Hourly

  • Duration: 90 hours
  • Deposit: Min $10 – Max $3,000

4%-6% Hourly

  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Deposit: Min $300 – Max $30,000

15%-20% Hourly

  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Deposit: Min $2,000 – Max $100,000

Available payments on HourRich platform are:

  • PerfectMoney
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash

HourRich Review – Withdrawal

In this section I would like to point out some important information in regards to deposit, withdrawal and in general money related part of the HourRich platform.

  • The minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash is $5, for other e-currencies, the minimum withdrawal is $0.1, the maximum amount is not limited.
  • Withdrawal requests are always instantly, but with e-currency system problems, it may take a few hours up to 24 hours to be processed.
  • If you deposit through PerfectMoney and Payeer, your account will be updated as fast as you deposit. If you deposit through cryptocurrency, you should wait for 1 confirmation at least.
  • Principal is included in your hourly interest. So no principal returned.
  • You can make multiple deposits in same plan in the same time. The only one rule left is the system don’t allow multiple plans active in the same time or cross the plans because it will effect your withdrawal function in our system. But you can make multiple deposits in same plan.

Cost To Join HourRich

It is free to join HourRich. You can simply go to hourrich.com and sign-up for your free account and join their affiliate membership.

However, if you want to start earning money ASAP you need to invest in one of their available investment packages. You need to deposit at least $10 to join their cheapest plan.

If you don’t like to spend your money, you can always start with promoting them. Just grab your affiliate link/banners and start referring people. Once someone joined HourRich via your link and deposit, you will then earn a commission which you can later use as your own deposit.

Now that I have went through all the details about hourrich.com it is time for my unbiased third party verdict.

Final Verdict

So can you really trust your money with HourRich and make 20% hourly on your investment?

Let’s look at the facts.

First of all, we don’t who runs or owns the company. They people on their website are different from the one that is one their UK registration. In addition to that none of those people are real, I wasn’t able to find any digital footprint for any of them.

Secondly, as I established, they are operating in financial sector and they do need specific registration from authorities such FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority)[1] which they don’t have.

So they have UK Companies house certificate, which it doesn’t count in my book because it is mostly unregulated and is very cheap. And also they don’t FCA registration.

Not having registered with appropriate financial regulators means that there operation is not regulated. Therefore, your money is not safe with them.

On top of that, I can’t see any external income coming into the company. All I can see is the new recruits paying of the existing members. This makes it your typical ponzi scheme.[2]

The math behind the ponzi scheme is obvious, once the recruitment stops, there won’t be any money coming in, so the company will collapsed and lot of members will lose money.

I can’t recommend this.

I hope you enjoyed my hourrich.com review, Please make a comment below if you have any question or suggestion.

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This HourRich Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming HourRich nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from my perspective because I strongly believe every brand needs a good 

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with me via the comments box below so as to further improve this HourRich review.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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