SHIBA INU V.S Dogecoin, Which one is Superior?


Welcome to another Shiba Inu review. This time we’re talking about Shiba Inu V.S Dogecoin. compared to digital assets like bitcoin, ethereum and Solana, meme coins hold no competitive advantage or use cases, however, you will be surprised at the level of attention some meme coins are receiving from crypto traders and enthusiasts alike. The buzz around these … Read more

Sorry For Your Lost! Antares Trade Exit Scam, Investor’s All Left out!


According to Antares Trade, police and regulators are blocking withdrawals for all their investors. As a result, everything is on hold, according to Antares Trade CEO Alex Richter. The company doesn’t disclose much information about Alex Richter. Particularly if the company is promising you a return, this will always be a red flag. In fact, … Read more

BitcoLoan Ponzi Scheme collapses, Withdrawals Stopped

BitcoLoan Ponzi

BitcoLoan has collapsed as a Ponzi scheme. On TrustPilot, an alleged BitcoLoan affiliate from Russia posted the following testimonial; Everything worked until July, the platform paid regularly. But for almost 3 weeks now there is no way to withdraw funds, the withdrawal simply does not work and no specific information. At first they said wait … Read more