How To Make Money Blogging – Introduction To SEO

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Welcome to the episode 2 of How To Make Money Blogging – Introduction To SEO!

If you haven’t read the first post in this series, make sure that you go and check that out (How To Make Money Blogging – Introduction To Blogging).

In this post I am going to talk about SEO.

SEO is a very extensive and big topic in itself, so this post aims to give you a broad understanding and grasp of the subject.

Therefore, next time that someone talked about SEO you will understand what they are saying.

By the end of this post you will be able to start optimizing your posts and your blog in order for them to rank well on search engines.

Introduction To SEO

Make Money Blogging – Introduction To SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What it means though, is that in order for the search engine to pick up your content and show them in their search results, you need to optimize your content.

There are some specifics things that any search engine looks for in order to understand the content of a post and rank them.

In this post I am going to talk about: keywords, heading tags, internal links and backlinks. There are lot more goes into a piece of content to be optimized, however for now, we will be focusing on these important foundations. I have personally ranked posts on a first page of Google just optimizing the above.

SEO Keyword

SEO Optimization – Keyword

Keyword is a main focus of your content. It is what your content focuses about and is the most important thing in ranking. Keyword or your Focus Phrase, tells the search engine this is the topic you want to rank for. You need to take a bit of time and research before choosing your keyword. (more on this later)

In general, we have 3 type of keywords as follows;

Short Tail Keyword

Short tail keyword are broader compare to the other 2 types. This means there are lot more traffic searching for short tail phrazes, which in turn makes it harder for you to rank your content using a short tail keyword. An example of a short tail keyword would be something like “Make Money”. As you can see this is a very broad keyword.

Medium Tail Keyword

Medium tail keyword is a bit more tailored down and precise compare to short tail keyword. This means that you will get less traffic for them, however the traffic would be more specific to your keyword. And example for this would be “Make Money Online”. Now comparing this medium tail to the short tail “Make Money”, you are now only targeting those traffic that are only looking for “Make Money Online”, not “Make Money” + playing video game, or something like that.

Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keyword is very precise and much more specific than the other 2 options. This mean you will get even less traffic than medium tail keyword, however the upside is that there is less competition so it is way easier for you to rank on first page of Google. In addition to that, the quality of the traffic that you get are going to be better, because the user have actually searched for that specific keyword that you are targeting.

Heading Tags In SEO

Heading tag is the term used in HTML (hypertext markup language), which is basically what is behind all the pages on internet and it gets render as this pretty pages that you see. Simply put, they are like subject lines or your paragraph titles. We have H1, H2, H3 and goes down to H6. The ones that you need to pay attention to are H1 to H3. These tags are additional help to the search engine to understand your content better.

Your strategy for your tag should be something like this:

Put your best description and your focus keyword in your H1, this is the most important one.

Then use a blend of your main keyword in your H2 and H3. Try not to repeat the same keyword too often. Doing so will make your content sound Robotic.

SEO Optimization

Make Money Blogging – Introduction To SEO

Internal Links In SEO

Now what is internal links? Internal links are the links (or hyperlinks) that you use within your content that links/points to another piece of content in your website. There are 2 important things here that you need to look at for. First, the page that you are linking to should be within your domain (your website). Second, the page that you are linking to should be somehow related to the content of your current post.

Having an internal link to a piece of content that is related to the current page that you are writing, helps the search engines to understand your overall content better. Therefore, you will get much more better ranking. Make sure to always include at least one Internal link in your content.

Backlinks In SEO

What is backlink? backlinks are the links from OTHER websites to your website. Think about like this, you are scrolling on Facebook and tap on a link and suddenly you land on This means Facebook has a backlink to my website. Having quality backlinks are very important. Quality backlinks are those that you get from Authoritative websites, such as Facebook and Reddit. Having these type of backlinks to your posts, tells the search engine that this website and/or this posts must be good in this topic because it is getting lot of good quality backlinks.

Now that you have good understanding of SEO and its terminology, check my video below for a simple demo.


I hope in this introduction post in ‘How to make money blogging’ series I got your attention and convinced you that blogging is still one of the best digital assets that you can build to make money online and have another stream of income. And in order for you to be successful in blogging, you need to know SEO.

In the next post of this series I will go backstage of my blog and show you EXACTLY how I do my SEO optimization.

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How To Make Money Blogging

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