Review – Can You Make Up To 7000% ROI?

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Welcome to my Review!

This is one of the latest Crypto MLM companies that has caught my eyes, so I decided to take a closer look.

Probably you have been approached by a friend or an affiliate to join, and you saw on their website that you can earn up to 7000% returns!

Now that is an interesting daily ROI. I can imagine how anyone can be tempted to join, heck I am even tempted. That is why I have done extensive research and now write this review for anyone interested in joining

In this review, I am going to go through the company, products, compensation plan, and much more. By end of this review, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Pay close attention and make sure you read this till the END.

What is review

The company is a high yield investment platform where they claim “To be more exact, super-efficient. This is how we see the processes that work towards generating profit, because our unique cluster-type trading neural networks provide us with methods and tools for error-free trading. These methods and tools are completely inaccessible to all other competitors. They are constantly learning, consistently and safely giving us income from cryptocurrency trading, as well as constantly generating profits on Forex, stock and commodity exchanges.” review Review Company

You can’t find any information on the website about who runs or owns the company. So I decided to check their domain registration.

Their domain has been created on 2015 and was updated recently on January 2021. From what I can tell, the current owner of, bought this domain to look more legitimate.

Based on Alexa Rank, most of the traffic coming to is from USA following by Russia and Egypt. Company

They do provide a UK company registration number on their website.

Based on that UK registration, DOLLARBILL FINANCIAL LTD operates in the Administration of financial markets and the company has been incorporated, in April 2021. This also proves my previous point that they just recently bought this domain and started this business. Products does not provide any retail-able products or services that you can sell to a real customer, therefore you need to be careful with them.

All you can do is to become an affiliate and promote their affiliate membership. This means you can also invest in hope of earning that advertised return on investment! Investment Packages

Currently, provides 5 investment packages. The packages are as follow:


  • If you want to have access to your earnings every business day, you can use these plans. Profits are accrued into your DollarBill account every business day and can be withdrawn at any time. The principal amount is paid at the end of the maturity period.


  • easy and affordable way to increase your income by investing a small amount of money. Your earnings are accrued into your DollarBill account every business day. However, the earnings and your principal amount can only be withdrawn at the end of the maturity period.

VIP Plans

  • provide an amazing opportunity to accumulate funds, multiply them repeatedly and get a solid capital at the end of the maturity period that would help you make your dreams come true.
  • Your earnings are paid into your DollarBill account only once – at the end of the maturity period. The earnings and your principal amount can be withdrawn by you at the end of the maturity period all at the same time.


  • open up a wide prospect for capital growth and are a unique and lucrative offer for those who are focused on ambitious goals, strong results and intend to achieve them. Your earnings are accrued into your DollarBill account every business day.
  • However, the earnings and your principal amount can only be withdrawn at the end of the maturity period.


  • ideal for those operating with large amounts and know what to do with them.
  • It is an excellent choice for those who want to maximize their profit in the shortest possible time.
  • Profits are accrued out daily, every business day. However, the earnings and your principal amount can only be withdrawn at the end of the maturity period. Review Compensation Plan uses a simple unilevel affiliate structure.

As You can see how this structure works in the image below.


 You can create your own affiliate downline of up to 5 levels deep in accordance with conditions.

Similar companies I did a review on: Review Withdrawal

In this section, I just put some information in regards to deposit/withdrawal/accounts that I gathered from website.

  • You can deposit and withdraw funds using the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money; LiteCoin; Bitcoin; Dash; Doge; Bitcoin Cash; Ethereum; Tether TRC20.
  • Minimum investment is 30 USD or its equivalent in crypto currency.
  • There is no maximum amount. You can make any number of deposits and there is no maximum possible investment amount. However, deposits that are over $20,000,000 must be additionally approved with our finance department before depositing. 
  • Payments are processed within 1 minute to 72 hours regardless of what day of the week you submitted the withdrawal request. This procedure and the time it may take is primarily associated with the security of any transactions initiated by our customers, providing additional security to the investment process.
  • There is no maximum amount that can be paid out to customers. Scam or Legit?

So scam?

Let’s look at the facts shall we?

First of all, they are trying so hard to say they’ve been online and worked since 2015. However, it is a lie.

It is true that the domain, was created in 2015, however business not.

Checking all their social media account, they all started sometime in 2021.

In addition to that, their UK registration is dated 2021.

They haven’t been transparent and we don’t know who runs the company.

In addition to that, they don’t show any proof on how they are gonna make those promised returns on investments.

Furthermore, any company or platform that works in the Financial sector and promises returns on investment needs to have registration with financial regulators. Especially the financial regulators from the jurisdiction that they operate in. is not registered with FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority) or any other regulator.

The only income I can see coming in is the new investors paying of the existing ones. This makes it your typical ponzi scheme.

And we know what happens to ponzi schemes, once the recruitment slows down they start planning their exist scam.

Since we don’t know who is behind the company, there is pretty much no way for you to get your money back!

I can’t recommend this company.

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