Review: 24% Daily Crypto Investment Or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to Review,

Brand new online trading platform that is suitable for investor with ZERO experience in trading.

SmartCoin is one of the latest crypto trading platform that has caught my eyes with its juicy up to 24% return on investment.

If you are considering to invest your money with and earn that 24% ROI, make sure you read this article to the end.

I am going to give you all the details and info, from the company, it’s registration, legality, product and how much you can possibly earn.

Read on… Review (Company) review

SmartCoin is a brand new online trading platform made so even investors with zero trading experience are successfully making a profit.

SmartCoin program, unlike any other, guarantees fix hourly interest for investors regardless of market conditions.

SmartCoin is involved in cloud mining, which enables it to earn Bitcoins and other currencies without mining hardware, software, electricity, or bandwidth.

Well, these all sound good and tempting, now lets see if there is any fact to back them up.

Firstly, let’s start and see if we can see who is behind this company.

Landing on their website you can’t find any information in regards to who runs or owns the company.

I personally don’t like a company that is not transparent and upfront about its operation. I would like to know who I am dealing with and who I am giving my money to.

Checking their domain registration, I found out that ‘’ has been privately registered on 25th of October 2020. review domain

The registration country for that domain is Panama.

Now they do claim they are a registered company in Panama, however they don’t provide any certification, link or info on their website showing that.

I did a research and I couldn’t find any registration for them. I don’t see the point of saying that they have a registration and not putting it on their website. Only thing I can assume is that they are not registered. domain has been getting quite a bit of traffic since its start.

Based on the info on Alexa rank most of its traffic, as of writing this blog, is from Egypt with 11.7%. review traffic

Furthermore, there is no info in regards to their office/address on their website. This basically means they don’t have any physical appearance at all.

Yet another reason to be more caution before investing money.

Now let’s move on and look at their products… Review (Products) doesn’t have any retail-able product or services that you can sell to real customer.

They provide different investment plans that you can join, invest and start earning passive income. also have a referral program. As a part of their referral program, you can join and start promoting their affiliate membership and earn commission.

Next, let’s discuss their investment plan and see how you can make 24% return on investment daily without doing anything! Review Compensation Plan has four investment plan. Each of these investment plan gives profit in an hourly manner.

This means if a plan gives you 1% hourly return investment, you will earn 24% daily ROI, which is pretty amazing if you think about.

Below are the investment plans provided by platform: investment plan




  • 14.4% DAILY PROFIT


  • 19.2% DAILY PROFIT
  • MAXIMUM DEPOSIT: $20,000


  • MINIMUM DEPOSIT: $20,001
  • MAXIMUM DEPOSIT: $200,000

The minimum deposit amount is $20 , the maximum you can deposit at one time is $200,000 Per each deposit , Surely you can make deposit higher than $200,000 by several deposits.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $5 . There is no maximum limit for withdrawal.

Your deposit is automatically added after 3 network confirmations for cryptocurrencies but for PM and payeer this be add as soon as you paid funds.

You can request a withdrawal by clicking the “Withdraw” button in the member’s area and entering the amount you want to withdraw. There is no fee for withdrawal. Your withdrawal is sent Instant after it is requested.

You cannot withdraw your principal. Your principal deposit stays in your account and continues earning interest forever.

If these sounds scary and seems like you are not in control of your money, you should try our online money making machine.

Sign-up below and start earning money online while you are sleeping. Review Referral Program has a simple uni-level referral program.

Uni-Level referral program starts with you at top, then whoever you personally recruit are going to be your Level 1 recruit.

After that, whoever your Level 1 recruits is going to be your Level 2.

This basically goes down an infinite level as it’s illustrated in this image.

Unilevel is paying for the popularization of its investment program and anyone can be rewarded.

To benefit from this, you have to tell your friends, relatives or colleagues about ScamrtCoin.

Using this you can actually make up for your deposit without spending a dime.

  • Level 1 (Personally recruited): 5%
  • Level 2: 1%

Cost To Join

It is free to sign-up for, however in order to participate in the investment a minimum of $20 deposit is required.

You can actually get away with this and just start to promoting the affiliate membership and wait for your recruits to deposit money so you can use the commission to put it in your own deposit account.

Now that I have covered everything about SmartCoin it is time for me to give you my unbiased conclusion.

Final Verdict

So can you really trust and earn 24% ROI Daily Forever with them?

Well, my short answer would be no.

We don’t know who runs or own the company.

They claim they have registration in Panama, which I wasn’t able to find.

They are operating globally in financial sector and promising passive income.

This by default forces them to have registration with all the financial regulators in the jurisdication they operates in.

To name some they should be registered with FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority)[1] and SEC (US Securities And Exchange Commission)[2] at least.

Simply not having this registration means that they are operating illegally.

Also, think about it logically. If they are able to produce 24% return on investment daily, what do they need your money for?

They can simply get a small loan or something, and put the their magic on it and start earning huge. They will be rich within a year or two.

All I can see and smell here is another pyramid scheme.

The only revenue coming in the company is the new recruitments paying of the existing members.

Not having another stream of revenue and 100% relying on affiliate recruitment makes a Pyramid Scheme[3].

Math behind the ponzi schemes are the same and obvious. Once the recruitment stalls, they can’t satisfy the promised return on investment, this inevitably forces the company to collapse.

Most of the people (except the owner and the top affiliates) will lose money.

I can’t recommend this! Join at your own risk.

I hoped you enjoyed my review. Make sure to sign-up to get the latest updated on any making money online opportunities.

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