Bitero Review: 2% Daily Money Making Machine Or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to Bitero Review,

This is one of the latest MLM investment platform that has caught my attention when I was looking on new ways to make money online.

One thing that stands out with Bitero is the popularity it has get within a very short amount of time.

So If you are asking yourself if Bitero is legit and you can start earning passive income with it you should read this to the END.

I am going to give you all the details and info that is, from the company owner, it’s registration, legality, products and how much you can possibly earn.

Now let’s begin with the company…

Bitero Review (Company)

Bitero in a nutshell is an investment company that you can invest in and they put all the investors money in a shared pool and invest that money in a diversified portfolio.

Checking their domain registration on[1], I found out that ‘’ is a pretty new company with its domain registration dated at May 2020 and updated in August 2020.

Bitero domain

On the Bitero website, there is an ‘about us’ section which shows who is behind the company.

The company CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is PAVLO YASENCHUK. In addition to him there are three other executive in Bitero team.

Chief financial officer is a person call DO HUN MIN, Chief Marketing Officer is David Leakens and Chief Technical Officer is Marvin Faurent.

Bitero Team

I did a search on every single one of them and I wasn’t able to find anything connecting any of these persons to Bitero.

The only thing that I found was a Facebook Page which was created recently on December 7th 2020. Facebook Page

All I can assume and say is that these are all stock photo except for the Pavlo Yasenchuk whom I guess is mostly an actor.

Now the next thing I check was their UK registration. has a registration with UK Companies House under the name of ‘BITERO LTD‘ .

Based on the registration they have been incorporated on 26th of August 2020. Now the registered address is just some default PO box. In addition to that, the address of the Director of the Company AKA Mr. Pavlo Yasenchuk is basically bunch of semicolons! Office
Bitero scam

So far they haven’t been completely transparent in regards to who runs the company and also their business address.

I am not sure about you, but these two red flags right here are kind of a dealbreaker to me.

Although they are fairly new, they have gain a huge traffic. Based on the Alexa rank, as of writing this review, most of the traffic to is coming from Venezuela with 14.2%. Their engagement is also going off the roof. This is kind of positive for a pretty new investment platform. Meaning you might be able to start and have a good run with their affiliate membership.

Bitero rank Products

Bitero doesn’t have any retail products or services that you can sell to a real customer.

They provide Investment plans and a comprehensive affiliate program.

You can join them as an affiliate and start promoting their affiliate membership.

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Bitero Compensation Plan

Bitero claims that they invest in 4 markets. These markets are:

  1. Forex with a volume of ~$5.1 Trillion
  2. Digital Exchange with a volume of ~$237 Billion
  3. Bitcoin Mining with a volume of ~$15.8 Million
  4. Venture Capital with a volume of ~$383 Million

They have a simple 30 days cycle investment package. In this package they guarantee that you will get 2% daily on weekday and 1% daily on weekend on your investment.

They also claim that they handle the diversification themselves utilising the above mentioned markets.

Investment plan

Similar Companies I did a review on:

Affiliate Program

Bitero has an affiliate ranking system with total 6 ranks.

You rank will be decided based on the amount of attracted funds you have. affiliate ranks are as follow:

Affiliate Ranking

As you can see all the funds are in bitcoins. Another thing that you might want to know is that the recruitment is a simple Uni-Level structure.

Official Representative

It is possible to kickstart your affiliate career by becoming an official representative of Bitero. All official representatives receive the Professional affiliate rank. With this rank upgrade also comes an automatic direct referral commission increase to 7% and an extra level of passive referrals, making it four levels in total.

I wasn’t able to find any more information on how to become an official Representative.

Cost To Join

Signing-up for is free, however the minimum deposit amount to participate in the investment package is 0.005 BTC.

All the payments are based in BTC.

You might actually be able to get away with this and just start to promoting the affiliate membership and wait for your recruits to deposit money so you can use the commission to put it in your own deposit account.

Now that I have covered everything about Bitero it is time for me to give you my unbiased conclusion.

Final Verdict

So is Bitero legit and can you really trust them?

My personal opinion on Bitero is I won’t trust them with my money.

And here are my reasons:

Firstly, I wasn’t able to actually find any digital footprint of their CEO PAVLO YASENCHUK anywhere beside the Bitero website and their Facebook. I mean if you are a real business person and a business owner you surely should have at least a LinkedIn page!

In addition, the rest of their management looked fake to me. All stock photo with made up names.

Next, their address, both their office address and the PAVLO YASENCHUK residential address on the certification looked fake.

They are not transparent at all.

You might say they have UK registration, but here is the thing my friend, UK registration is dirt cheap and mostly unregulated which makes it a perfect choice for scammer.

Also to add to that, is that Bitero is obviously a financial company offering passive income and working with securities, this means they need to have proper registration with financial regulators.

To name some they need to be registered with FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority)[2] and/or SEC (US Securities And Exchange Commission)[3] at least.

Not being registered means that they are operating illegally and your money is not safe with them.

Furthermore, I can’t see any income stream other than affiliate recruitment coming to the company.

Them not being registered with any financial regulators simply means that they are offering return on investment illegally.

You might be get some returns for a while, especially now that is new and is getting a lot of traffic, however this won’t last long and it will comes a time when the whole thing crashes cause they only rely affiliate recruitment, Pyramid Scheme[4].

Math behind the pyramid scheme is obvious. Once the recruitment stalls, they can’t satisfy the promised return on investment, this inevitably forces the company to collapse. Most of the people (except the owner and the top affiliates) will lose money.

I can’t recommend this company!

I hoped you enjoyed my Bitero review.

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