Gissis Review – Scam HYIP Investment Or Paying 500% ROI?

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Welcome to my Gissis review!

Gissis is an investment holding company that has been around for about a year now.

I was looking at new investment opportunities when I saw and found out they pay 500% return on investment.

So obviousley that caught my and I wanted to know if it is legit or not.

If you are in a same boat and want to know if you can trust Gissis with your money or not you will get your answer HERE.

Just make sure you read this to the END cause I am going to give you all the detail and info there is to about Gissis, so you can make an informed decision.

Now let’s begin with the company…

Gissis Review (Company) holding

Gissis holding company is engaged in the investment and purchase of shares of various companies, which allows it, among other things, to become the owner of controlling stakes.

So basically what they are claiming here is that they buy shares of other companies and once you deposit a money in Gissis it means you will become a partner of Gissis which means you will have ownership over those shares too. Obviously relevant to the amount of money you deposit.

From what I have found, their main investment is in Cryptocurrency and forex market. They do claim that they are involve in startups and hedge funds in order to diversify their portfolio.

Now let’s have a look at some facts.

On their website they say they have been around since 2016, however their registration says differently.

Gissis Review

The reason I am saying that they are lying is that, first I did check their domain registration.

I found out that ‘’ has been privately registered on July 15th 2019 and updated on June 17th 2020, also the registration contact info is in Panama. domain

In addition to the domain registration that confirms they are lying about their operation start date, the date on their UK Companies house is in 2019 too.

Also, at the time of doing this review, their UK registration documentation has an error on it for overdue confirmation statement!

Gissis Registration

As you can see the Gissis Holding Limited has been incorporated on 13th August 2019.

One thing I noticed here is that their registered office address in the certificate is completely different from their office address in website.

The address in the certificate is a residential address and it is for sale too! address

So far they haven’t been transparent and as you can see I have already pointed out two red flags here.


Now let’s move on and see who is actually behind this company.

From their about section on their website, they claim the company founded by a person called ‘Gregory Leroy’;

The founder of the holding company Gissis is Gregory Leroy, who was born in 1965 and raised in Dover, near the English channel. Edouard Leroy, Gregory’s father, was a successful owner of the Victoria hotel chain that determined the strong financial position of the family, the possibility of obtaining a good education and the availability of start-up capital for the younger Leroy to start his own business.

After studying at Oxford University (faculty of Economics), Gregory invested in the opening of a small consulting Agency ConsAgency. Several years of successful activity in this area have led to the emergence of new strategic partners, with the participation of which it was decided to merge capital and create a closed joint stock company.

I did a search on ‘Gregory Leroy’ and all I could find was an Australian Photographer and a couple of other people on LinkedIn which none of whom were related to Gissis.

In addition to that, if this person, ‘Gregory Leroy’ is the founder why his name is not on the UK Companies House registration?

Gissis Scam

As you can see the director of the Gissis Holding Limited is ‘Garry Harvany’.

All I can assume here is that both of these names are fake persons and they are not actually saying who is running the company.

Moving on to check the traffic to, as of writing this review, most of the traffic that is coming to the gissis website is from Russia.

This might suggest that the admins or the people behind the website are actually operating from there.

In addition, I can see the traffic to their website is going down as well, which might be the indicator of some issues such as, accounts might not be accessible or they are not paying anymore…

Gissis wallet

Gissis Products

Gissis holding doesn’t have any retail-able product or services that you can sell to a real customer.

You can sign-up and invest in one of their plans and start earning, or you can become an affiliate and start promoting their affiliate membership and start earning commissions.

Gissis Compensation Plan

In total, Gissis provides 7 investment plans that you can join.

Gissis investment plans are as follows:

  • 105% for 7 working days: Min deposit $15 and Max $450 – Accruals daily – Principal return end of the term
  • 125% for 14 working days: Min deposit $40 and Max $2,500 – Accruals daily – Principal return end of the term
  • 162% for 27 working days: Min deposit $990 and Max $20,000 – Accruals daily – Principal return end of the term
  • 220% for 50 working days: Min deposit $1,300 and Max $70,000 – Accruals daily – Principal return end of the term
  • 370% for 47 working days (GOLD): Min deposit $900 and Max $100,000 – Accruals and Principal end of the term
  • 500% for 68 working days (Platinum): Min deposit $1,500 and Max $150,000 – Accruals and Principal end of the term
  • 7.7% for 25 working days (Exclusive): Min deposit $3,000 and Max $200,000 – Accruals daily – Principal return included

Gissis Referral Program

Gissis have 2 different referral program, one for their partners and one for their representative.

They both follow the same Uni-Level structure illustrated below:


Partners Referral Program:

  • Level 1: 4.2%
  • Level 2: 1.7%
  • Level 3: 0.7%

Representative Referral Program:

  • Level 1: 5.5%
  • Level 2: 2.2%
  • Level 3: 1.1%

I wasn’t able to find any info on how you can become a representative or if there is any specific qualification that you need before becoming a representative.

Gissis Withdrawal

How it works:

According to the investment plan chosen by you, the profit is formed from the percentage of accrual and the body of the deposit. After receiving funds to your personal account, you can immediately order their withdrawal. The money will be manually sent to the EPS wallet that you used to make the deposit. Funds accrued under the affiliate program are available for withdrawal immediately.

How much you can withdraw at a time:

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the balance is $0.1, for cryptocurrency payment systems – 0.002 btc in equivalent.

How fast the payment works:

Payments, as well as commissions are carried out manually, up to 72 hours. Commissions on the affiliate program are displayed on your wallet in the payment system through which your referral made a contribution. Be sure to specify your payment details in your personal account.

Similar Companies I did a review on:

Cost To Join Gissis

It is free to create an account and join Gissis, however if you want to participate in the Investment plan you need at least $15 deposit.

You might actually be able to get away with this and just start to promoting the affiliate membership and wait for your recruits to deposit money so you can use the commission to put it in your own deposit account.

Now that I have covered everything about Gissis it is time for me to give you my unbiased conclusion.

Final Verdict

So can you really trust Gissis and earn 500% ROI with them?

I would say no and here are my reasons:

We don’t actually know who is behind the company, they have used two different names on their website and UK registration file.

Both of them didn’t have any digital footprint connecting them to Gissis Holding Limited.

All I can say they are fake.

In addition to that their address didn’t look legit at all.

Furthermore, UK registration is very cheap and mostly unregulated which this makes a perfect a choice for scammers.

Also just having a registration with UK Companies House is not enough. As I have established they are working in a financial sector and they are offering return on investment.

In order for them to operate legally they need to be register with financial regulators such as FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority)[1] and/or SEC (US Securities And Exchange Commission)[2] at least.

Them not being registered with any financial regulators simply means that they are offering return on investment illegally.

So basically your money is not safe with them.

I can’t recommend this company!

I hoped you enjoyed my Gissis review.

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