Safemoon Update/News Leaks – The last 24hrs – Must Read!

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Welcome back to another Safemoon update and news review.

In this review, I will talk about Safemoon update and its news and leaks for the last 24 hours.

Also, I will explain what Facebook just said that can really have an impact on Safemoon price. So yeah, this review is super interesting so make sure to read it until the very end.

I want to start this review with something really serious. If you are a big Safemoon fan, you should already know about possibly upcoming squeeze and big hype around it. I will briefly explain what are we dealing with and whether it’s good or bad for Safemoon!

safemoon update

Safemoon on SatoshiStreetBets

So it all started with a post on Reddit group SatoshiStreetBets, kind of a copy of WallStreetBetsbut in a crypto world. “The #SafemoonSqueeze has begun.” Consider this the official announcement of a community-driven campaign to pop off the biggest squeeze of all time.

This will be the crypto version of Gamestop and AMC but way bigger. We aim to take the power from the banks and transfer it to the people. Why Safemoon? Because it’s a crazy project, it has a cool name, and we like the moon.

SatoshiStreetBets Safemoon

It’s time to make #SafeMoonSqueeze go viral. Start tweeting it. Let the world know. This is not a SHORT squeeze but simply a squeeze due to massive sustained upward pressure on the price due to community and campaign-driven volume-induced token burn.

GME and AMC were mostly American phenomenon, this will be a global one. This is not a short-term pump.This is a sustained pump all the way to the moon!”

Well…. that’s what started the big hype around this #Safemoonsqueeze. (safemoon update)

#Safemoonsqueeze – Safemoon Update

Here’s some more information from this post around Safemoon update. ……..

Alright, so the thing many people are wondering whether should they promote this post or ignore it.

I have some good opinions from Reddit user “fungaldreams” who explains this situation and all the coincidences we might face in the future, in regards to Safemoon updates.

His opinion is similar to mine. I’m seeing a lot of misinformation surrounding this. It’s discouraging.

I’d like to talk about it briefly. Crypto is not stock, but there is a lot of crossovers.

Little disclosure; I do not currently own any SFM. Though I have been watching for some time. This talk is exactly why I don’t personally own any yet. Firstly to clarify, SFM can absolutely squeeze. There’s a lot of posts saying it’s not possible in crypto and that it’s related to borrowing etc. This is not true.

This idea is specifically referencing short squeezing, most common in the equities market. There are multiple types of squeezes. Short, long, bear, credit, gamma, etc.. they are all related to different things but ultimately have the same effect.

What type of Squeeze is this going to be?

Volatile, rapid price movements are primarily triggered by a domino effect.

For example, You will all be familiar with GME, GME is not yet technically a short squeeze. Because no short positions have currently exited their positions. Currently, that price squeeze is triggered by gamma (triggered by the options market and ITM calls) and FOMO- new investors transferring huge amounts of liquidity.

SFM can absolutely ‘Squeeze’. Any squeezing action will be from new ‘investors’ if you want to call them that. (gamblers might be more fitting here) or existing increasing their positions. AKA new volumes of liquidity entering into the token. Triggering volume and upward price movements, causing more people to form and bring new money into the token, causing the price to further increase. etc etc etc… these are the falling dominos.

In crypto it’s just called pumping and dumping, everyone knows this. because it all stems from FOMO, there are no underlying mechanisms like the borrowing of stock to trigger the effect.

Don’t support pump and dump! (Safemoon Update)

Safemoon Bump and Dump

Only whales and people on Twitter. If you don’t support pump & dumps (you 100% shouldn’t btw) then don’t support any notions of squeezing and mooning in crypto. 99% of it is crap. People wanting to get rich quick, or they have purchased at an unfavorable price point and it’s now dropped so they are supporting any pumps to put them back in the green.

Then most like immediately exit their positions. The problem is this type of talk fundamentally hurts the token. The current talk is surrounding this burn squeeze. You have to ask yourself if pump & dumps are what you want this token to be associated with.

That is fundamentally what people are trying to trigger. For example, what’s your first thought of a crap-coin?

Mine is; a worthless coin/token people are hyping up to dump and turn an easy profit, scamming people out of their money. Sounds incredibly familiar to me. I’ve seen this on Twitter just today! Do you want to make money on SFM?Buy and hold.

If you Believe in Safemoon – Talk About It!

Anything worth investing in is worth investing in overtime. If you believe in SFM, talk about it. Share with other and tell them about Safemoon update.

All over, everywhere, whenever you can. Talk about the positives and the negatives and the future, and the changes and everything good about the token. If you actually like Safemoon, and in turn want to make money and believe it’s going to rise in value, then shoot this total crap down ASAP, everywhere you can.

And talk about your token. If the token has strong fundamentals and is backed by a strong community, it will rise. And it will rise strongly. You will make considerably more money through natural, organic, and consistent price increases over time.

And if the token is actually good, it will rise. If you’re looking for a quick buck, jump in the casino, you’ll lose less. Instead of supporting a squeeze, why don’t you send $200 worth of Safemoon to a friend, family member, or charity?

Grow the project, don’t destroy it. #Safemoongift should be the trending tag. Post any news or any safemoon update.

Bring in new investors by gifting them safemoon rather than sending it to the burn wallet. What do you think about this thought?

Next: Facebook And Safemoon Update

Comment down below. Alright, so just before we move to the biggest question of this review, to Facebook, I want to share some really important thoughts, that will be useful to all of you.

I don’t think some people realize this isn’t about “driving Lambo” and “buying islands” anymore.

For example, let’s say safemoon eventually hits a pretty decent price. Why would you sell for a couple million when the reality is most people wouldn’t know what to do with that amount of money, and would probably waste it very very quickly. If your bag is that large in a few year’s time, think of the number of reflections you will be receiving, it could be upwards of thousands per day as seen in safemoon marks recent video.

FB and Safemoon

Tokenomics is the way to financial freedom, you can retire and live completely off of tokenomics and not have to worry about running out of money.

With the wallet and exchange and everything that will eventually be available, safemoon will become your bank account so there really shouldn’t be any reason to sell if you believe in the project.

If you haven’t put in more than you can afford to lose I encourage you to forget about waiting for the next bull run and think long term.

It doesn’t matter what the price is now…. hold. Do you agree with his opinion or not? Let me know down in the comments.

Facebook and Cryptocurrency

Alright, so now let’s move to the main question of this video, what’s up with Facebook.

Facebook Payment Lead David Marcus said it would create a very favorable opportunity for Bitcoin development. He expressed his admiration for the transfer of mining power to the West.

Also, the head of the Facebook payment system expressed that there is a misunderstanding in the pessimism of the crypto community.

It is clear from Markus’ tweet that he is completely positive about such a scenario.

“How is more Bitcoin mining power moving to the US and the West a bad thing? IMO China cracking down on mining is a great development for BTC.”

China banks and Crypto – What does it mean for Safemoon

Earlier, China’s Central Bank announced that Chinese banks and payment institutions should take strict measures on cryptocurrency transactions. Recall that earlier the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the third-largest banking organization in China, banned its customers from transactions related to cryptocurrencies.

The bank in particular blocked all transactions related to digital assets, as well as terminated contracts with customers who made these transactions. Authorities in China’s Sichuan province, a major center for cryptocurrency mining, have also banned mining.

China and Crypto

The Sichuan Energy Bureau, together with the local Development and Reform Commission, approved measures preventing the mining of digital currencies in the region. Such harsh decisions of China were critically met by the majority of the crypto community and caused some panic in the market.

But as Facebook Payment Lead David Marcus, there’s nothing bad in it.

The US and the West will soon promote crypto much more because miners will move there. So we will get a nice surge in price soon. So don’t sell your crypto.

Safemoon Price Surge?

If you are wondering how is it related to Safemoon, then you should understand that cryptocurrencies are tied to Bitcoin at the moment. If bitcoin goes down in price, so do other coins.

But as I already mentioned, the US and the West will soon promote crypto making the surge in price that will definitely affect Safemoon.

So while we are having some good prices on the market, you can buy some tokens if you have some extra money. Not financial advice by the way. Invest only these amounts that you are okay to lose because the crypto market is such a risky thingie.

Note that I’m not forcing you to invest in this project. It’s 100% your personal decision.

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