Safemoon and how it will completely destroy Binance


Alright, so first you need to know about safemoon and reflections aka tokenomics. Almost everyone already knows that. If you’re still confused, let me explain it for 30 seconds. Holders of Safe Moon earn passive rewards through static reflection as their balances grow indefinitely as their balances grow. This cryptocurrency is unique due to its … Read more

Safemoon Update/News Leaks – The last 24hrs – Must Read!

Safemoon Update

Welcome back to another Safemoon update and news review. In this review, I will talk about Safemoon update and its news and leaks for the last 24 hours. Also, I will explain what Facebook just said that can really have an impact on Safemoon price. So yeah, this review is super interesting so make sure … Read more

Safemoon & Elon musk’s Starlink – is there a link between them?


Safemoon has moved beyond a hype altcoin blockchain exchange wallet. It’s moving past all of that into something much bigger that actually has a huge impact on the world in a way we never thought possible. When that happens guys the price and the value of safemoon is gonna skyrocket! Things are starting to come … Read more