Safemoon & Elon musk’s Starlink – is there a link between them?

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Safemoon has moved beyond a hype altcoin blockchain exchange wallet.

It’s moving past all of that into something much bigger that actually has a huge impact on the world in a way we never thought possible.

When that happens guys the price and the value of safemoon is gonna skyrocket!

Things are starting to come together guys and what this is all pointing to is looking bigger and grander every time I look at it.


Safemoon and Unbanked

As we all know John Karony has always been about the freedom of the unbanked.

Recently someone asked him if he could give us any hints on anything big that’s happening and he said that he likes mesh networks.

Now there’s already been a couple of videos on mesh networks but there was something i didn’t see in their videos.

So I’ve been studying and researching what mesh networks are for and what they are.

MeshNetwork And Safemoon

A mesh network or simply a mesh net is a local network topology. The infrastructure nodes bridge switches and other infrastructure devices connect directly dynamically and non hierarchically to as many other nodes as possible. And cooperate with one another to efficiently route data from two clients.

This lack of dependency on one node allows for every node to participate in the overlay of information.

Mesh networks dynamically self-organise and self-configure which can reduce installation overhead.

The ability to self-configure enables dynamic distribution of workloads, particularly when a few nodes should fail, which in turn contributes to fault tolerance and reduced maintenance cost.

If you want to know more about mesh network the SmartMesh white paper is a good read.

Smartmesh Safemoon

Why MeshNetwork Matters To Safemoon?

This reminded me a while ago I don’t know if you guys remember this but somebody asked Thomas Smith AKA papa how the Gambia could get access to safemoon. If they don’t have good internet because most people in the Gambia can’t afford internet and they rely on their mobile data for their internet uses.

Papa responded by saying it’s already been solved meaning the problem of them not having internet had already been solved and that seems to be directly linked to John Karoney‘s message about liking mesh networks. As mesh networks can provide a way to bring internet and easier banking to poor places in the unbanked.

so we’re moving beyond just a hype coin that’s kind of providing good uses for others.

And also a good exchange/cryptos to actually help poorer countries. By allowing them to have better lives through providing them internet and providing them banking options through safemoon.

Safemoon, not a Meme Coin!

And guys this is where safemoon can do what we’ve all been hoping for by not just focusing on becoming a big meme coin and having actual use cases. By providing a blockchain an exchange that is better and cheaper and going a step further into helping poorer countries that don’t have internet and banks as we do and providing them with real utility uses for safemoon through mesh network internets and providing a way to bank without the use of an actual bank.

We’re moving towards something much bigger than just a high ball coin we can actually be helping people who need it the most and get them into something that can bring them into a better lifestyle as well. And this could go to any countries any places.

There’s already a place in Australia and they all run on mesh networks. But anywhere where there’s unbanked, anywhere where they need internet we’ll be able to work with these two things to actually help them and have more utility than the world ever thought was possible with crypto.

Elon Musk’s Starlink

Now people are suggesting that the mesh network could be linked to Elon musk’s Starlink and that there’s a possibility that they are working together. If we look at Starlink and what it aims to do safemoon and Elon’s goals could have lined up.

Starlink is a program that wants to roll out internet service to everybody around the world. Over the past year, SpaceX has been continuously releasing hundreds of satellite fleets for global service coverage.

Last month the company recorded over 500 000 orders from people who want to access Starlink’s internet grants. At the moment there are now 1800 Starlink satellites.

Elon Musk's StarLink
image source:

For this week the SpaceX operating officer said that the number of the current satellite network is enough to serve the global users. We’ve successfully deployed 1800 or so satellites and once all those satellites reach their operational orbit we will have continuous global coverage. So that should be like the September time frame.

The beta service for Starlink has been available in 11 countries. Some of them included European countries in the United states new Zealand and Australia.

Earlier this year the united kingdom’s has approved spacex for its starling satellite broadband access.

Elon Musk’s Starlink Beta Pricing

Starlink has begun accepting preorders from customers interested in joining the company’s “Better Than Nothing” beta program. The cost of the service is billed at $99 per month, plus taxes and fees, plus an initial payment of $500 for the mountable satellite dish and router that you’ll need to install at home.

Starlink says that it’s taking orders from customers on a first-come, first-served basis and that some preorders could take as long as six months to fulfill.

$99 per month is a lot for an internet connection, especially one that isn’t nearly as fast as a fiber connection, but Musk is betting that the cost will be worth it for people who have thus far lived without access to a reliably fast connection at all. 

The company makes use of a special kit called the Starlink kit. Which houses the wi-fi router and a user terminal. These are the keys for the satellite connection that would come.

SpaceX and Safemoon link?

SpaceX wants to release nearly 2000 satellites annually in line with its mission to launch 12000 satellites above

by 2027. The number of satellites could now reach 42 000.

SpaceX also prepares to develop a spacecraft outside the internet service. That would someday bring humans to mars and the moon.

So this seems to be the safemoon and the Gambia and all these poor countries could be linked to a possible deal with starlink. Where they give them Some kind of a deal because they probably couldn’t afford that obviously.

Their currency is like a fraction of ours over there so we might have it.

If they’re using safemoon, they get certain things installed. Or safemoon might just have its own type of mesh network set up for them. That’ll give them better internet and better access to their wallets.

Although it’d be really cool if safemoon were working with elon musk this entire time. And we didn’t know it guys.

Also, I saw a day for Starlink being available in september. which is right before the december reveal of the big news coming from john Karony the CEO of safemoon. Maybe they’re linked maybe they’re not.

John karony Safemoon

I’m sure we’ll get more information on this. Especially as other safemoon YouTubers dig and as I continue to dig into this to figure out the link between Elon musk, safemoon, Starlink mesh networks. And what would they play together? Whether it’s a big one or a small one. They’re using Starlink and crypto to help those countries most in need.

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