How To Make Money Blogging – Introduction To Blogging

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This is the first post in the “How To Make Money Blogging” series where I go into details of how you can start making money online from scratch with blogging.

I would like to point out that these posts are going to be newbie friendly and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge about web development or anything technical.

I will walk you through all the steps, so by the end of these series you will have a complete functioning blog and you know how to write/post a blog that would rank perfectly and get traffic so you can start monetizing it and making money of it.

No matter what niche you are in, following these steps will help you to start of your blog and start getting traffic.

How To Make Money Blogging – Why Do Blogging?

The first question that I would like to answer is that “why do blogging?” why not do video and post it on YouTube or just use Instagram or Facebook. There are lot of people making money online using Instagram/Youtube/Facebook. I do agree, that you can make money online with Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore blogging all together.

See the reason is that, there is still lot of people that prefer to read blog than flicking through Instagram or watching YouTube.

That means you have a big audience out there waiting for you to serve them with your blog.

In addition, based on my personal experience, the audience and fans that you get from your blog is way more better than your Instagram followers or your Facebook fans. By better, I mean in the long run, you will have a way better and deeper relationship with your blog audience.

Make Money Online Blogging

Someone that actually reads your blogs is going to have a deeper understanding of you than a person that just flicks through your post/feeds on Instagram.

Making Money Online With Blogging

Having a blog, ads to your credibility. There is term called ‘DA (Domain Authority)’ that is literally used for that reason. Investing in having a blog is like investing in a property, you are actually investing in a digital property that will keep making you money (passive income) for years to come.

As you learn with this series, how to rank on search engines such as Google and Bing, your blog will keep bringing you organic leads (i.e prospects/customers). This means you don’t need to pay for any advertisement or traffic to get leads, because you are getting it organically from your blog.

You will truly see the beauty of this, when you keep seeing customer and sales are coming in from a post that you made about a year ago or 2 years ago. That is the passive income you should aim for, you made that post once and you are still making money from it after 2 years.

You can start creating your very own mailing list and start monetizing that. Nothing beats an engaging ever going email list when it comes to making money online.

Now let’s talk about some other ways that you make money blogging faster.

Make Money From Blogging Fast

Having Ads:

You can start making money from your blog by adding ads, such as google ads. This wouldn’t bring you a huge amount of money at the beginning, but it is still a good money for a new blog.

Make Money With Affiliate Links:

This is another option kind of similar to your ads. You can simply promote someone else’s product, that is, of course relevant to your blog post and get commissions per sale or per clicks.

How To Start Blogging

There is actually 2 ways of starting blogging in general,

  1. Having a blog that is yours (i.e you own the platform and the blog) more on this later
  2. Having a blog on public platforms such as or

First let’s start with the public platforms cause it is easier.

Make Money Blogging

Making Money With Blogging On Public Platforms

You can simply start a free account on any public blogging platforms such as, & and start your own blog.


  1. Easy to start
  2. No registration fee, or any other cost


  1. You are locked within someone else’s ecosystem (i.e the platform owner). This means you need to obey their rules and any changes they make.
  2. It is harder to establish your name or your brand with public platforms.
  3. Most of these plans have rules around selling products and affiliate
  4. They can shutdown your blog at anytime without any notice.

As you can see, I wouldn’t suggest anyone to use public platform if they are serious about making money online with blogging.

One of the most important thing that I talked about was credibility and authority. Simple example, I wasn’t able to gain your trust as much as I have it at the moment if you were reading this post on a public platform. On top of that, most probably, you wouldn’t even remembered my name (Siavash Alipour) and my brand (Rich Mind Life) if this post was simply on a website like

This is why I am emphasizing on having your own blog if you want to be in total control.

Making Money With Blogging – Having Your Own Blog

Now that I got your attention and you hopefully convinced you that if you want to make money online with blogging you shouldn’t go down the public route, let’s discuss what are the steps you need to take to have your own blog.

  • You need a platform to create your website/blog with. Such as wordpress, wix, squarespace.
  • You need to buy a domain. This is basically your website address. So for example, my domain is ‘’
  • You need hosting solution. Almost all the time hosting and domain comes together, basically you buy your domain and hosting from the same vender. To name some,,

In nutshell, that is almost all you need to setup your blog. Don’t let hosting, domain or basically any of these words scares you. You don’t need to know anything about these terms. All you need to know is what you wanna name your blog/website or brand.

Then simply choose one of the provider that I mentioned above (those are affiliate links, I would earn a commission at no cost to you, which helps me to continue with my blogging) and buy your domain name. They will set up everything for you.

Work from home


  1. You own your blog/website
  2. You are in complete control
  3. You can monetize your blog/website however you want
  4. You have a platform to grow your brand and credibility


  1. Not free to begin with
  2. Needs a bit of setting up

Utilizing Your Blog Post For YouTube Video

Now this one is one of my favorite techniques. You can simply repurpose your blog posts content and make a YouTube Video out of it. This is super beneficial cause as you might have notice, YouTube videos do come up on Google search, which means you can get rank faster.

Now I am not going into the details about this technique here, but I just wanted to tell you that if you are starting your making money online journey with blogging that doesn’t mean you have to double your work if you wanna have YouTube channel too.

I have a whole post on how you can get rank as a first video on YouTube even though your blog post for that specific content is not rank first on Google search. This means you can cross traffic, you can bring traffic from Google to your website and vise versa.


I hope in this introduction post in ‘How to make money blogging’ series I got your attention and convinced you that blogging is still one of the best digital assets that you can build to make money online and have another stream of income.

In the next post of this series I will talk about SEO and help you to get familiarized with the SEO terminology before stepping into writing your first blog.

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How To Make Money Blogging

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