Farmasi Review – Legit Cosmetic MLM or Huge Ponzi scheme?

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Welcome to my Farmasi Review!

Recently I have seen some noise on internet in regards to this product based MLM company, so I decided to take a closer look.

Probably someone approached you about this opportunity and you landed here to see whether it is legit or not.

You are in luck my friend! I will go through the company, products and compensation plan with all the details that is there, so you can make a right decision.

Make sure you PAY close attention and read this to THE End.

Farmasi Review (Company)

Farmasi goes way back to 1950’s.

In despite of that, they have launched in USA back in 2019.

Dr. Cevet tuna, whom is the founder of Farmasi, launched a pharma company back in 1950.

Dr cevdet tuna

However, in the end, Dr. Tuna changed focus to cosmetics with the launch of Farmasi in Turkey back in 2010.

Farmasi is a MLM company mainly focused on cosmetics products.

Tragically in 2017, Dr. C.Tuna died and in September 2020, Sinan Tuna was delegated the CEO of Farmasi in North America.

As per the September 22nd Press discharge:

Tuna has gained expertise working in various departments at Farmasi where he has been a Board member since 2019.

Sinan Tuna’s grandfather, the late Dr. Cevdet Tuna, was the founder of one of the Republic of Turkey’s first pharmacies.

Sinan continues his grandfather’s legacy as the third generation to lead the Farmasi business.

I was unable to find out who is running the business in Turkey.

Farmasi Review (Products)

Farmasi has a very wide range of products in personal care space which are made in Turkey.

We have one of the largest integrated cosmetics manufacturing plants in the world which is located in Istanbul, Turkey in an ecological environment.

Integrated manufacturing means that we not only produce the bulk product, but also product most of our own packaging in-house, and we obtain our waters from the wells located within our facilities.

Up to date, we have formulated thousands of products, launched more than 2.000 products, and shipped our products to over 125 countries all around the world.

They don’t actually go into the details of 2000 products they have on their website.

Farmasi Products

Farmasi’s products can be categorised as follow:

  • Hair care
  • Foot care
  • Oral care
  • Baby care
  • Sun care
  • Lip care
  • Skin care
  • Intimate care (women’s hygiene)
  • Make up (body, lips, face, eyes and nails)
  • Mr Wipes household cleaning products (this was a 2014 brand addition)
  • Fragrances

Vivri and Beyond Slim, are some other companies that are in the same niche as Farmasi.

You can either buy Farmasi products separately or in packaged sets.

You can find the full catalogue of the products with their retail pricing on Farmasi’s website.

Just to compare the prices, I compared the liquid Aloe hand wash on their site which goes for $11.90 USD.

Now checking some of the competitors products on Amazon, I would say their are competitive enough, which is a good thing.

Farmasi Review Compensation Plan

Farmasi remuneration plan isn’t simple since they neglect to give legitimate position capability and Leadership Bonus data.

So having that stated, I just composed the data with what I managed to gather.

Farmasi Review Ranks

Farmasi has 18 positions altogether and underneath is the means by which you hit them yet they are not clear about it

  • Manager – qualification criteria not provided
  • Director – generate $1500 in monthly side points
  • Silver Manager and Director – maintain 1 ARM and maintain $1500 in monthly side points
  • Gold Manager and Director generate 2 ARMs and generate $2500 in monthly side points
  • Platinum Manager and Director – generate 4 ARMs and maintain $2500 in monthly side points
  • Emerald Manager and Director – generate 8 ARMs and $5000 in side points
  • Diamond Manager and Director – generate 12 ARMs, maintain $5000 in monthly side points and generate 20 title points a month
  • Vice President Manager and Director – generate 16 ARMs and $10,000 in monthly side points, and generate 40 title points a month
  • President Manager and Director – generate 20 ARMs, maintain $10,000 in monthly side points and generate 80 title points a month
  • Boss Manager and Director – generate 30 ARMs, maintain $

I couldn’t find the difference between manager and director rank when it comes to qualifications.

Side Points Requirement: You have to keep working on your 1st generation, regardless of your title.

Side points are calculated by subtracting the group volume of your 25%’s in your 1st generation from your own group volume, and then subtracting the largest group volume of 25%, 22%, and 18% entrepreneurs, if any, in your 1st generation from the resulting value.

Your Group Volume – (Sum of 1st Generation 25%’s Group Volume) – (Largest Group Volume of 1st Generation 25%, 22%, and 18% Group Volume, if any!) > 1500.

In my opinion, it is not clear enough.

Title points are delivered based on rank of personally recruited affiliates:

  • Get 0.5 title point for every personally recruited Manager and Director
  • Get 1 title point for every personally recruited Silver Manager and Director
  • Get 1.5 title points for every personally recruited Gold Manager
  • Get 2 title points for every personally recruited Gold Director
  • Get 3 title points for every personally recruited Platinum Manager
  • Get 4 title points for every personally recruited Platinum Director
  • Get 6 title points for every personally recruited Emerald Manager
  • Get 8 title points for every personally recruited Emerald Director and higher

These are determined month to month for rank capability purposes.

MLM Commissions

To meet all requirements for MLM commissions, affiliates must be active.

To be active, you must purchase $250 worth of product every month.

Retail Commissions

Retail commission are paid as percentage difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

As an affiliate you get a commission on the sale of the products to the retail customers.

Sponsoring Commissions

Farmasi affiliates can earn $30 per MLM commission qualified affiliate they recruit.

So basically you get commission on anyone who signup via you and spends more than $250 on Farmasi products.

Personal Bonus

You get paid a personal bonus on your own purchases and retail customers.

Personal bonus is dependent on monthly GV:

  • Produce 200 to 399 monthly GV and receive a 3% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 400 to 599 monthly GV and receive a 6% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 600 to 899 monthly GV and receive a 9% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 900 to 1399 monthly GV and receive a 12% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 1400 to 2199 monthly GV and receive a 15% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 2200 to 3599 monthly GV and receive an 18% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 3600 to 4999 monthly GV and receive a 22% Personal Bonus rate
  • Produce 5000 or more monthly GV and receive a 25% Personal Bonus rate

GV stands for “Group Volume”.  Farmasi counts GV as an affiliates own purchases or personally recruited affiliates as well.

PV stands for “Personal Volume”, which is sales volume generated by retail orders and your own purchases.

Group Bonus

The Group Bonus allows Farmasi affiliates to earn the difference between their Personal Bonus rate and that of their personally recruited affiliates.

For example, if a Farmasi affiliate qualifies for a 15% Personal Bonus rate and they have a personally sponsored affiliate who qualifies for 6%, the Group Bonus will pay them the 7% difference on that affiliate’s PV for the month.

Car/Travel Bonus

Farmasi pays Silver Director or higher ranked affiliates a monthly Car/Travel Bonus:

  • Silver Directors receive $300 a month
  • Golden Directors receive $350 a month
  • Platinum Directors receive $400 a month
  • Emerald Directors receive $450 a month
  • Diamond Directors receive $500 a month
  • Vice Presidents receive $550 a month
  • Presidents receive $600 a month
  • Bosses receive $650 a month

What I am guessing is that the Director gets the same as Manager, however I am not sure.

Rank Bonus

Farmasi pays affiliates who qualify at a Golden Director or higher can get a monthly bonus:

  • Qualify a Golden Director and receive $2000 a month
  • Qualify at Platinum Director and receive $4000 a month
  • Qualify at Emerald Director and receive $8000 a month
  • Qualify at Diamond Director and receive $16,000 a month
  • Qualify at Vice President and receive $32,000 a month
  • Qualify at President and receive $64,000 a month
  • Qualify at Boss and receive $128,000 a month

You must hit these ranks for five months in a row to qualify.

There is also a Leadership bonus too, however it is very complicated and they haven’t done a good job in describing it.

Farmasi review Cost To Join

Farmasi affiliate membership is $19.99.

On top of that, you can buy $49.99 to $200 item packs if you wish to.

You need to maintain a purchase of $250 worth of products every month, in order to qualify for MLM commissions.

Final Verdict

From what I can see these guys would probably have some issue with FTC.

You might ask why?

Well, there is a very minimum monthly requirement to be qualify for the commissions.

This means you need to keep paying in order to be able to be qualified.

Actually, this is what they have on their website:

When you sponsor an active recruit within a calendar month, you will be eligible to join the team building program.

For each active entrepreneur that you personally sponsor, you will earn $30.

In order to become active, an entrepreneur has to purchase products worth $250 (catalog price) during the calendar month. In other words, have personal volume 125 or greater.

In addition, as you might have noticed there aren’t many retail oriented incentives within their compensation plan.

This puts them in a danger of pyramid scheme because their compensation plan is heavily geared towards affiliate recruitment.

It is one of your typical Ponzi Scheme product based company.

You might argue that they have been around since 2010, however this is not what makes it not to be a pyramid scheme, or ponzi safe!

Their name is also a bit misleading.

Farmasi is Indonesian for Pharmacy and is a direct translation.

For now I wouldn’t recommend joining them.

However, if they turned around and add more retail based incentive to their compensation plan, then you could consider them.

They have a very good range of products with a competitive prices as well.

I hope you enjoyed my Farmasi review and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below…

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