Vivri Review – Legit Nutrition Based MLM Or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to my Vivri Review!

This did pop up couple of weeks ago and I decided to do a review on and it’s for a good reason…

The reason is I am here to give info about new online businesses opportunities.

In other words, I am here to do the research for you and let you decide yourself. 

In this review I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just PAY close attention and read this to the end…

Vivri Review (Company)

Vivri is a nutrition-based MLM company that offers supplements and whole-body nutritional products and is based out of Texas.

Vivri Danilel Chavez Founder CEO

The owner of the company is CEO Daniel Chavez Saul and he used to be an investment banker in New York working for Goldman Sachs as a strategy consultant for McKinsey and Co.

He went to college and Harvard and studied economics and also went to Rice University where he studied managerial studies and also earned an MBA from Stanford.

Sounds like a well-educated guy, but it’s very interesting how he went from being a consultant for a big and well-known company to becoming an owner of a network marketing company.

Either way, the company launched in 2017 around the end of the year and started growing from there.

Recently due to the virus outbreak in early 2020, they got hit with a warning from the FTC about some product claims but they fixed that issue with a disclaimer.

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Vivri Review (Products)

Vivri offers couple of various products that span from nutritional to personal care products.

The primary product or “flagship” product that they offer seems to be “Shake Me” which is a protein shake that is packed with additional ingredients that provide a high-quality drink compared to the normal store-bought ones.

Vivri Sens

Some of the other products they offer is an energy drink in the form of a powder that you can mix up with water or add to a smoothie, a cleanser drink that will help you detox, some gourmet soups, and an Omega-3 and Vitamin D drink.

The other category of products that Vivri offers is personal care which they brand this line as their “SENS” product line.

Some of the products that I found in their SENS line includes a skin cleanser, an eye cream, a 2-part anti-aging cream, and hydrator, and a body moisturizing cream.

Vivri also offers some accessories that you can purchase from their website as well.

They have a essential oil category as well.


With that said, let’s continue and see the ways that you can make money with them as an affiliate member.

vivri shake

Vivri Review (Compensation Plan)

Vivri is an MLM company that offers its affiliate individuals the ability to earn month to month residual income and rewards with the compensation plan it offers.

The way that you would bring in cash with Vivri is by inviting others to Vivri through your affiliate link and when they upgrade and buy some products or become an affiliate member simply such as yourself, you will earn commissions.

The more individuals that you refer, and the more people that your team refer, will equal out to the more money that you can make every month.

As clients and colleagues re-order products, you will keep on earning commissions.

This is the fundamental concept of how you can make residual income with any MLM company.

There are a couple of parts of the Vivri compensation plan that I will cover which are very significant if you are going to start building a business with them which I will point them out later.

Vivri Review Ranks

The primary perspective that you will need to focus on are the Vivri ranks.

There are an aggregate of 10 ranks that you can fit the bill for in Vivri and the higher the rank that you can qualify for mean the more cash that you can earn.

The primary rank that you will begin with is at the Consultant rank which will require an individual point volume of 76 points and you will need to maintain that every single month.

This is the most straightforward rank that you can reach in Vivri which only requires a personal purchase. This also means that you are now qualified to earn commissions with Vivri.

As a consultant, you will have the option to earn from retail and sponsor sales, and residual income on all personal sales at 50% but ONLY if you purchase the $1,000 Imperial Smart Start Kit.

All of the ranks that you can qualify for only require a 76 personal product point purchase each month so that is one positive that I see at least.

The remainder of the ranks will require more personally recruited members and more group volume points.

The more total downline team volume (GV) that your team accumulates per month and the more personally recruited members that sponsor is how you reach the higher ranks which is pretty straight forward.

Make sure to read the compensation plan PDF that the company gives you on rank qualifiers since things might change and there also maybe be additional qualifiers or “gotchas” that you need to look out for.

Vivri Review Retail Sales

When you invite someone that only wants to buy some Vivri products through your link, you will earn a retail sale.

You can also purchase the product yourself and sell it to someone and retail cost which is the same amount you would make from any online sale.

The difference is usually about 30% of the retail to wholesale costs for the products.

Sponsoring Sales

Anytime that you recruit someone that wants to be an affiliate member just like yourself, you will earn a sponsoring sale.

The amount that you earn will depend on the pack that you purchase.

So, if you want to shell out $1,000 on the Imperial Smart Kit, you will earn a 50% commission on any sponsoring sale.

If you joined with a regular Executive Smar Start kit, then you will earn only 25% commission on any sponsoring sale.

The percentage will be from the “volume” of product pack that your new member purchases, NOT the actual cost of the product pack.

Residual Personal Sales

The only way to qualify for residual personal sales, you will need to purchase the Imperial Smart Start Kit which will cost $1,000.

The main moneymaker to this part of the compensation plan is your personally recruited members.

Residually, you will earn 50% from your personals re-orders each month, but ONLY if you paid $1,000 for the Imperial Smart Start Kit.

Mind Capital Crypto

There are 4 more levels to this part of the compensation plan that is structured in a unilevel compensation plan but those extra levels only pay out 2%.

I would refer to the comp plan PDF that the company offers for details, apparently, you get a pay bump if you are on autoship.

Residual Monthly Sales Commissions

Residual commissions are the meat and potatoes of all MLM company compensation plans.

The amount of money that you earn is based strictly on the re-purchasing of products each month within your downline team.

The residual compensation plan is structured in a 9 level unilevel and pays 10% on your first level to 5% on the rest of the levels as of right now.

Depending on your rank, the more levels that you will earn from.

For example, Consultants only get paid on level 1 and Founders Club ranked members get paid up to 8 levels.

Refer to the compensation plan PDF for the most up to date information.

Generation Bonus Commissions

The Vivri generation bonus is an extra amount of monthly residual income that you can earn from your downline team and is based on recurring product sales.

You must qualify by becoming a Diamond Heart Club ranked member and is paid on up to 2 generations of Diamond Heart Club members that are in your unilevel downline team.

You will be able to earn an extra 2% to 4% from all member’s monthly product purchases down to any Diamond Heart Club member from any leg of your unilevel.

Global Commission Bonus Pool

This part of the compensation plan is a Global Bonus pool of commissions that the company earns from all product sales that you can qualify to earn from.

This bonus pool of commissions are 5% of the company profits and is paid out every 2 weeks to the members that rank for Diamond Heart and Double Diamond Health Club.

This commission pool is split up among the members that qualify for it.

Monat MLM Review

These are the main components to the compensation plan, but there are also added bonuses that you can find in the company compensation plan PDF that I did not discuss here.

For full and up to date details of the Vivri compensation plan, it is always wise to refer to the most up to date PDF that the company has because most of the time, MLM companies always seem to change something.

In a nutshell, this is all of the information that I have about the compensation plan and how it works, with that said, let’s continue and answer some questions about Vivri.

Vivri Review (Cost To Join)

If you are looking to get started as an affiliate member for Vivri, then you are going to want to start with one of the product packs that they offer.

Vivri offers 5 packs at this time and the difference in each pack is the number of products including some great benefits of the compensation plan.

Here is a breakdown of the kits they offer:

  • SENS Executive Kit is the first one of the list and it will cost you $299.99 plus shipping and tax.
  • Vivri Executive Kit goes for $389.97 plus s&h.
  • Vivri Imperial Kit will cost you $999 plus s&h.
  • SENS Duo Imperial Kit will cost $999.90 plus s&h.
  • SENS Imperial Kit goes for $999.99 plus s&h

With that said, let’s move on to the next section where I will share my thoughts on whether I think Vivri is a scam.

Unlike all the other Vivri reviews out there I am going to keep it real with you…

Final Verdict

Looking the facts about Vivri company and opportunity, I don’t think it is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

When you look at the details, they do offer real and legit products that offers some good benefits however above all can be bought by a regular customer.

Additionally they have a decent compensation plan that is fair and pays out very well when you get to the higher ranks.

The main concern is the high investment cost to meet all the requirements for specific aspects of the compensation plan.

Other than that, I don’t see an issue with the business model.

It’s your call, I do not want to swing you in one direction or another on this one just because I think it is a good MLM company.

If it was me, I would pass.

I hope you enjoyed my Vivri review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Vivri Review

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