EtherChain Collapses, Andreas Kartrud ran away to Montenegro

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EtherChain collapses! Andreas Kartrud’s first smart-contract opportunity just has collapsed.

EtherChain was one of three scams Kartrud has launched, as part of his Eclipcity Ponzi factory.

Sometime ago hours Kartrud uploaded the following message to EtherChain’s website:


According to the Ethereum Foundation, ethereum 2.0 is “a long-planned upgrade to the Ethereum network”.

There is no ethereum 2.0 release date just so you know…

But does it really matter?

You think Andreas is going to keep that promise of coming back?

I doubt it…

EtherChain collapses for the same reason any Ponzi scheme does, new investment stopping coming in from affiliates.

In other words, recruitment slowed down and the company took a crap…

In an attempt to delay EtherChain’s collapse, Kartrud launched a recycled smart-contract script from EtherChain to launch TronChain late last month.

TronChain looks like is headed the same way as EtherChain and Andreas Kartrud so he launched CyberChain to keep this train going…

In my CyberChain review, I noted Kartrud had recently traveled from his home country Sweden to Montenegro.

At the time I didn’t have any reason to believe this was nothing more than an oddly timed holiday.

Kartrud waiting till he’s out of Sweden to announce EtherChain’s collapse suggests he might be on the run.

Now I am speculating but it looks pretty obvious on what he is doing…

According to the Eclipcity website, EtherChain solicited $19.4 million in ethereum.

Through admin positions, a large percentage of that will have wound up in Kartrud’s pocket.


This is why I write these reviews to warn people, but most people don’t do their research and blindly jump in…

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Ether Chain Collapses

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EhterChain Collapses

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