MarksMan LTD Review – Legit 3% Money Maker or Ponzi?

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Welcome to my Marksman LTD review!

There has been some buzz about this company, so I decided to take a closer look.

Chances are someone approached you about this company and the nice ROI they have and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just PAY close attention and read this to the end… Review (Company)

When you first open their site, you will notice there is no information about who runs or owns the company.

Even though they have a “Team Section”, I couldn’t find any digital footprint or track for any of the people on that list.

marksman ltd board of directors

I am assuming these are most likely fake names and fake people.

Checking their domain registration on , I found out “” was Privately registered on August 6th, 2020. registration info

On their website in the about section they are claiming that they started the platform on 2018. claim

Seems like they have a UK registration. UK incorporations are cheap to get and not regulated, so for the purpose of the MLM due-diligence UK registration means nothing.

So far this company is not being transparent about themselves and though they could get away with this vague and inaccurate information until they run into people like me who really do their research.

MarksMan Investments Limited Products

They do not have any retail-able product or services.

This just means you can purchase anything off this company as a customer but must become an affiliate.

Once you become an affiliate, you can invest into the company and get referral commissions when you sponsor other affiliates.

They also have their own ERC-20 Altcoin called MKS or Marksman Coin which they are planning to launch this year and will launch on different exchanges according to them of course.

If you want to check out a company with actual products and value, Join Entre Institute.

MarksMan LTD Compensation Plan

MarksMan LTD affiliate invest a minimum of $25 to get a promised 3% Daily ROI on investments.

Investments are made in:  BCH / ETH / ETC / XRP / XMR /USDT / ZEC / LTC / DOGE / DASH / TRX / BTC

The minimum payouts according to payment method is:

$ 0.10, BCH 0.002, ETH 0.02, ETC 0.02, XRP 0.5, XMR 0.0002, USDT $2.38, ZEC 0.01, LTC 0.002, DOGE 100, DASH 0.004, TRX 134 /0.001 BTC

Referral Commissions

When you refer someone into the company, you can earn up to 12% commission on their invested funds.

Now they say “Up to 12%” so likely you can earn less as well.

There isn’t much details on this anywhere.

But then say 18.5%….

So you might ask, which one is it then?

Up to 12% or 18.5% real time?

They don’t disclose if there is a difference between these two methods of earning commissions either.

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Cost To Join MarksMan LTD

The affiliate membership inside the company is actually free, but you can only earn referral commissions.

If you want to be part of the passive investment opportunity, you must invest at least $25.

Unlike all the other Marksman LTD reviews out there I am going to keep it real with you…

PAY close attention.

Final Verdict

So is it a Scam?

Well let’s just look at the facts shall we?

We don’t know who actually runs it. As I mentioned I couldn’t find any footprint from any of those guys on the internet, so I can safely say, they are fake.

They are just stock photos from other websites and possible paid actors.

Marksman LTD claims they generate their external revenue through trading.

Marksman Investments is a trading company which was developed by an industry expert that serves as a universal portfolio for all investors. Buying / selling currency pairs are the main concept of the company, which allows people to earn a daily stable income with a high interest rate.

They also offer “Crypto Pools”.

The company offers you very favorable and flexible conditions for participation in any of our investment pools. Depending on the amount of your Deposit, as well as the term of the selected investment period.

However there isn’t any PROOF or evidence of any of this happening.

Additionally, they are offering a passive investment opportunity meaning they must be registered with the FCA.

Anytime you advertise ANY kind of return on investment, they are considered securities, hence should be registered with the FCA.

In order to offer securities legally, they must be registered to all of the securities regulators of the countries they are operating in.

Because Marksman Investments LTD has a UK incorporation, they must at least register with the FCA.

I couldn’t find any registration for that.

Only reason a company would not register is that they are probably doing something shady/wrong!.

The only income I see coming into the company is new investments that are paying off existing members.

In other words…

This company is nothing more than a ponzi scheme[1]

Once the recruitment dialed down, the company will collapses and the people at the top i.e the fake owners will just take all the money and run.

I can’t recommend MarksMan Investments. Stay Away!

I hope you enjoyed my Marksman investments Limited review and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below…

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MarksMan LTD Review

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  1. Hi, thanks for your honest and helpful reviews. Recently there is a company named wiseling. Although I think it is a ponzi scam, too. I would appreciate if you could make a review about them. thanks. their website is and they have a youtube channel named wiseling, too.


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