Herbalife Review (2020) – Legit Or Huge Scam!

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Welcome to my Herbalife review 2020!

In case you’re considering firing up your own wellbeing supplements business and you’re looking at Herbalife as a way to develop that business, you’re in the correct spot.

In this Herbalife Review we’ll be investigating this MLM business opportunity.

Herbalife is a massive MLM company selling nutritional supplements, weight-loss and beauty products.

Herbalife Review (Company)

In 1980, Mark Hughes founded Herbalife in Los Angeles, California. Herbalife employs around 9000 people globally.

Their business model is multi-level marketing which is often times is very similar to a pyramid or a ponzi scheme.

Herbalife products are accessible in around 95 nations and domains around the globe.

They guarantee to have over 4.5 million merchants, distributors and individuals.

Back in the mid 1980s, Herbalife concentrated on advertising weight loss products. Actually, one of their absolute first items was a protein shake that was to assist individuals with getting in shape. Herbalife slowly extended its product range to incorporate wellness products, anti-aging products, and women’s health products, among others.

Strikingly, Mark Hughes initially began by selling weight loss shakes from out of his car in Los Angeles. In the wake of doing very well in a few other MLM business opportunities that went out of business, Mark Hughes chose to start a new business for himself, and Herbalife was conceived.

How Big Herbalife is

Herbalife as of now produces incomes of around $5 billion every year.

They are one of the best MLM companies compared with others.

The company distributes to more than 90 countries and also made the Forbes Best 500 Midsize Employers list in 2019.

The Herbalife MLM Business Opportunity Program

The way Herbalife works is typical of MLMs. You would join under a distributor who would be your sponsor and buy a member pack. You would then become part of their down line and can start selling products. Your sponsor/distributor would receive commissions from the products you sell. For distributors outside the U.S., you can register online and mail in the documents to your country’s Member Services.

It’s somewhat similar to a pyramid business model, as I would like to think.

Once you stop recruiting, you will struggle to make decent money by just selling the products alone!

Herbalife Cost To join

If you want to become a distributor with Herbalife MLM you can get started with around $94. You will have to buy a Herbalife Distributor Kit (a starter kit).

There are 2 different kits you can start with. Choose from the International Business Pack which will cost around $94. If instead you go with the International Business Pack-Super Starter the cost will be around $124

There are different costs included, which are not as clear as the starter packs. These expenses include calls you’ll need to make with your telephone, gas cash for you to get to and from your clients, and obviously the expense of your time.

Herbalife Review, Compensation Plan (2020)

Very Very difficult to understand than necessary.

Herbalife has apparently done their best to make sure that you understand as little as humanly possible about their business model.

Case in point (starts at 12:53):


This is perhaps the greatest problem with MLMs all in all: 

Compensation plans that are tricky to understand for the average intellectually-challenged like me.

Pros: Why Herbalife Works

 A history of success.

Herbalife has been around for forty years — a surprisingly lengthy timespan in the MLM business. 

That is notwithstanding congressional debate, innumerable claims, and even a Wall Street bigshot wagering against their stock in order to destroy them.

In other words, this is a company that knows how to survive and thrive.

Billions of dollars in sales every year is a pretty good indicator that Herbalife isn’t going away any time soon.

 Herbalife’s one-year refund policy for new distributors.

According to the official Herbalife website:

“If Distributorship is canceled for any reason, you may return all unopened products that were purchased in the previous 12 months for a full refund.”

The company also states:

“There is a fully refundable, 12-month money back guarantee for the cost of the International Business Pack if Distributorship is cancelled for any reason.”

This is a huge deal.

One the biggest complaints about MLMs is the fact that many distributors end up with rooms or garages full of inventory they can’t seem to sell.

In any case, it’s pretty amazing to be able to avoid that fate by getting a refund on your purchased products if the business doesn’t work out for you.

This has gotta be one of the primary reasons why Herbalife has figured out how to turn out to be so mainstream – hazard free certifications are difficult to leave behind. 

I should also specify that Herbalife has a 30-day refund policy for standard clients (for example non-distributors) in the event that they wanna return unused items. 

There are still a few people who guarantee that they couldn’t get a refund on their Herbalife items, yet the organization appears to handle complaints rapidly.

Cons: Why Herbalife is Bad

 A history of litigation and controversy.

Reasonable for state that Herbalife is no more interesting to the spotlight. 

The organization has endure decades of lawsuits stemming from lying about their items to fraudulent/pyramid business model allegations and everything in the middle. 

 A lot of bad press and complaints.

Indeed, this is the same old thing for a mainstream network marketing organization like Herbalife. 

All MLMs have a lot of critics and haters. 


In my research, I found that there have been a number of lawsuits against Herbalife. The BBB website even has an alert listed for Herbalife. The alert outlines misrepresentation of Herbalife’s business model as a direct selling organization in China.

 Overpriced products.

To be fair, it’s not like Herbalife is the main MLM offering terribly overrated items that they anticipate that their merchants should handily sell at the maximum price.

Is Herbalife a ponzi??

When the FTC reached their $200 million settlement with Herbalife, they did not officially label it a “pyramid scheme”.

They just said the company had committed “deceptive and unlawful acts.”

Similarly, I’m not going to state Herbalife is a “scam” since a portion of their distributors do gain passive incomes and they clearly sell billions of dollars worth of items consistently. 

In any case, I will say that you’d likely make more money at a minimum wage job  than you would by turning into a Herbalife distributor. 

Personally, I don’t like MLM. It is anything but a pleasant method to bring in cash.

You need to manage people face to face, and you’ll no doubt struggle to get by. The vast majority in a MLM do not make money.

According to this article, 99% of people who participate in an MLM scheme do not make money.

For more further reading, check out this pdf on the research, risks and rewards of MLM.

And if you’re still not convinced that MLM is no good, check out what the FTC has to say here.


There you have it folks. My honest Herbalife review.

All I know is that just like in any network marketing companies, the more products you sell and the more people you recruit, the more money you make. That is pretty much how most of the MLM works nothing special in regards to this Herbalife review.

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