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Herbalife Nutrition will pay $123.1 million to settle criminal and civil charges

Ever considered how US MLM organisations works in China?

It’s just about a reality that MLM organisations in China work as pyramid business models. The administration deliberately ignores, what administrative structure exists is paid off.

They somehow managed to happen its uncommon that data makes it out of the nation.

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd

Herbalife is a US based publicly traded global health and nutrition company. The multi-level marketing company, whose products include dietary supplements, entered a three-year deferred prosecution agreement.

Herbalife, admitted to conspiring to violate the books and records provision of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, an anti-bribery law.

 The U.S. Department of Justice had accused Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) of falsifying books and records.

Along with providing corrupt payments and benefits to Chinese government officials for the purpose of obtaining, retaining and increasing Herbalife’s business in China.

Herbalife Nutrition, has admitted to paying bribes to Chinese government officials.

Herbalife, agreed to pay total penalties of more than $122 million to resolve the government’s investigation into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Authorities said Herbalife schemed from 2007 to 2016 to bribe Chinese officials. During late 2006 to early 2007, the time period that Herbalife China’s application for its first direct selling license was pending, Herbalife China provided corrupt payments and benefits to Chinese government officials, including government officials responsible for awarding that direct selling license, and falsely recorded and booked those corrupt expenses.

Herbalife Was unable to survive in China organically

Being a pyramid scheme business they were unable to survive organically in China. So the company engaged in an extensive and systematic corrupt payments to Chinese government officials over a 10 year period. 

The primary reason for Herbalife’s pay-offs was to pick up and keep up its Chinese direct selling licenses.

Herbalife’s Bribing

Company officials began paying off Chinese government officials in 2007. In a bid to obtain licenses from national and local authorities the company needed to sell health and nutrition products. 

Herbalife executive conversations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a ceaseand-desist against Herbalife.

The ceaseand-desis, details a conversation between Herbalife executives. Pertaining to bribery in 2007 to obtain Herbalife’s initial direct selling license.

In late 2006, Herbalife China submitted an application to the Chinese government for its first direct selling license.

Therefore, the license was ultimately granted for two cities in one province (the “Province”).

Also, To facilitate approval of its license application, Herbalife China provided improper benefits.

These include, payments to government officials including those employed by Chinese Government Agency 1. (the agency responsible for awarding direct selling licenses in China.)

Herbalife Chinese direct selling license

During a March 22, 2007 call, Herbalife China’s Managing Director at that point (“Former MD”) praised EA Director on gaining the permit.

EA Director revealed to Former MD, “I will take care of those people.

I will still have to invite them out for dinner next time I come anyway.”

Former MD reacted, “Right, good idea.

We will talk later about how you are going to take care of them.

” Later that day, during a call, EA Director talked with a ranking director of External Affairs (“Senior Manager”).

EA Director disclosed to Senior Manager to “grab a pen and write down the gift list.”

After posting the names of 17 people, including Chinese Government Agency 1 authorities who were associated with application measure for Herbalife China’s pending direct selling license application, EA Director revealed to Senior Manager to “proceed to get 260,000 yuan (roughly $33,700) and afterward partition the cash among them, with an aggregate of around 60,000 yuan (around $7,800) conveyed to 16 Chinese Government Agency 1 authorities”.

Thereafter, Herbalife China provided improper benefits to a Chinese government official in connection with a license.

In Addition, On September 8, 2009, Managing Director spoke with an official from a government agency. Whom responsible, at least in part, for enforcing compliance with Chinese laws applicable to direct selling licenses (“Official 2”).

Managing Director thanked Official 2 for helping Herbalife China in connection with a license: “You have certainly helped us to get this done.”

Official 2 asked to be a “consultant” for Herbalife to help pay for his “son’s house purchasing fund,” but Official 2 also said that he did not “want to discuss too much [ ] over the phone.” 

Herbalife China Provided Chinese Government Officials with Improper Benefits 

Herbalife China provided improper benefits of cash, gifts, meals, and entertainment to Chinese government officials.

For example, during a call on March 15, 2007, Managing Director (serving then as the Director of Sales for Herbalife China) and EA Director discussed paying certain provincial officials. Managing Director told EA Director that he had been told to pay 35,000 yuan (approximately $4,500) to the officials.

Herbalife China continued to influence Chinese government officials. With improper gifts of meals and entertainment. An Herbalife China External Affairs manager (“EA Manager”) developed a relationship with a municipal government official (“Official 3”).

During telephone conversations, EA Manager and Official 3 discussed treating Chinese government officials to expensive meals, alcohol, karaoke, and luxury gifts. 

Chinese regulators trying to put a stop to Herbalife’s illegal business practices

They gave inappropriate advantages, including instalments, to Chinese government authorities. To diminish government examinations of Herbalife China and to forestall or lessen fines gave to Herbalife China by the Chinese government.

For example, on August 8, 2012, Managing Director and EA Director discussed an investigation in Nanjing.

EA Director told Managing Director that a Chinese government official had helped stop an investigation involving Herbalife China.

That EA Director was going to obtain the interview records and police report for the investigation.

Managing Director told EA Director to thank the government official, and she responded that she had already done so when he came to Beijing.

Managing Director told EA Director to give the government official the money that the company otherwise would have paid as a penalty. “Let’s give the fine to him.” EA Director responded that they should not discuss this over the phone.

They also bribed a state-owned media outlet “for the purpose of removing negative media reports about Herbalife China,” prosecutors said.

To Sum Up

All of this was done in violation of the FCPA, which the DOJ’s case against Herbalife is built around.

The SEC’s case against Herbalife pertains to the same criminal conduct, cited as violations of the Securities and Exchange Act.

In other words, although the DOJ’s and SEC’s alleged conduct spans 2006 to 2016, this conduct is probably still going on.

Maybe we’ll get to read about the conduct happening now in another ten years, along with another ineffective deferred prosecution agreement.

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