Fortress Network: Legit 3*9 MLM Or Huge Ponzi?

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Fortress Network

Welcome to my Fortress Network Review!

There has been some buzz about this passive income opportunity and I decided to take a closer look.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just PAY close attention and read this to the end.

Fortress Network Company

Fortress Network markets itself as “the opportunity of a lifetime”.

The organization is based out of North Carolina in the US and headed up by President and CEO Akili Dorian Omari.

On social media Omari goes by “Dorian Akili Omari”.

Fortress Network Omari

Before establishing Fortress Network, Omari was promoting local nightclub events. I couldn’t build up whether he has a MLM history.

Fortress Network’s Products

Fortress Network has no retail products or services within its MLM opportunity.

Outside of the MLM opportunity, Fortress Network affiliates are able to sell various products and services for a commission of “up to 25%”.

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Fortress Network’s Compensation Plan

Fortress Network pays affiliates to enroll new affiliates.

Recruitment commissions are paid out of a $10 month to month affiliate fee, followed through a 3×9 matrix.

A 3×9 matrix framework puts a Fortress Network affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them:


These three positions structure the first level of the matrix. The second degree of the matrix is created by parting these three positions into another three positions each (9 positions).

Levels three to nine of the of the matrix are created in a similar way, with each new level housing three fold the number of positions.

To meet all requirements for MLM commissions, every Fortress Network affiliate must personally recruit three affiliates.

After this qualification criteria is met, Fortress Network pays $1 per affiliate directly or indirectly recruited into the matrix:

  • level 1 – 3 positions to fill equates to a potential $3 a month
  • level 2 – 9 positions to fill equates to a potential $9 a month
  • level 3 – 27 positions to fill equates to a potential $27 a month
  • level 4 – 81 positions to fill equates to a potential $81 a month
  • level 5 – 243 positions to fill equates to a potential $243 a month
  • level 6 – 729 positions to fill equates to a potential $729 a month
  • level 7 – 2187 positions to fill equates to a potential $2187 a month
  • level 8 – 6561 positions to fill equates to a potential $6561 a month
  • level 9 – 19,683 positions to fill equates to a potential $19,683 a month

If the 3×9 matrix is filled and every affiliate recruited into it continues to pay monthly fees, the total potential income is $29,523 a month.

Fortress Network Products

Joining Fortress Network

Fortress Network affiliate membership is $10 a month.

Final Verdict

Rather than being “the opportunity of a lifetime”, Fortress Network is a typical recruitment-based pyramid scheme.

You join, pay a monthly fee and that fee is used to pay up to nine other Fortress Network affiliates who joined before you (including whoever recruited you).

You at that point earn in the MLM opportunity by recruiting other people who likewise pay affiliate membership fees.

This is literally the model of a pyramid scheme, as laid out in Fortress Network’s own marketing videos;

All you have to do to become successful is become a qualified rep. This is very simple.

All you have to do is simply share this with three of your friends.

Once they become members they will start to share with their friends, and you’ll see how fast the network begins to grow.

Apparently aware he’s been running a pyramid scheme for quite a while, on January 2020 a video titled “Is It a Pyramid Thingy” was uploaded to Fortress Network’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Dorian Omari claims “most people don’t know what a pyramid thing is”.

Rather than clarifying how Fortress Network is not a pyramid scheme, Omari focuses on a series of scam excuse cliches.

[0:49] The bottom line is life is a pyramid. Doesn’t matter how you want to look at it.

Whether you want to use churches, organizations, companies, there’s always someone at the very top, a few people under them, then more people under them, and the masses under them.

So basically life is constructed like a pyramid, but what you have to ask yourself is, “is this an illegal pyramid scheme?”

[2:08] What makes a pyramid illegal, a pyramid scheme, is when a company does not have anything to offer for the value of the membership fee.

For instance, if you’re paying $50 a month into something and there’s nothing you’re getting in return for that, that will be a pyramid scheme.

And/or if the company you’re involved in only has recruiting and nothing else.

As somebody who’s intensely mindful of what a pyramid scheme is, let me explain that Omari’s waffle is garbage.

Despite the compensation plan used, if a MLM company does not produce most of the company-wide revenue through retail sales, it’s a pyramid scheme.

It’s just as simple as that both at a sound judgment and administrative level.

Fortress Network’s MLM opportunity has no retail sales. 100% of commissions are paid out of affiliate membership fees, which are attached to recruitment.

Hence 100% of commissions Fortress Network pays out through its MLM opportunity are attached to recruitment, making it a pyramid scheme.

Connected to this is the “sell our products and earn direct commissions” part, however that has nothing to do with the MLM side of the business.

No MLM commissions are paid on the sale of products included in Fortress Network’s online storefront. This implies that 0% of Fortress Network’s company-wide revenue, as for their MLM opportunity, is created through retail sales.

It’s therefore I didn’t try covering the products listed on Fortress Network’s online storefront.

Each Fortress Network affiliate pays $10 a month. $9 of that is used to pay recruitment commissions and Omari collects the remaining $1.

Likewise with all MLM pyramid schemes, when recruitment inevitably collapses so too will the business.

I can’t recommend this!

I hope you enjoyed my Fortress Network review and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below…

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