Sorry For Your Lost! Antares Trade Exit Scam, Investor’s All Left out!

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According to Antares Trade, police and regulators are blocking withdrawals for all their investors.


As a result, everything is on hold, according to Antares Trade CEO Alex Richter.

The company doesn’t disclose much information about Alex Richter.

Particularly if the company is promising you a return, this will always be a red flag.

In fact, BehindMLM exposed Alex Richter and discovered that his real name is Aleksey Zhirovkin and that he has been scamming for many many years.

The Antares Trade Ponzi scheme gave daily returns of up to 2% with maximum returns of 200%.

To determine whether this even makes sense, I think people need to look at the math.

The company would not need affiliates and large numbers of investors if it could generate 2% daily returns legally.

With just a few investors, they would become billionaires in a few short years.

In crypto MLM scams, they pay at the beginning of the scheme, which attracts gullible investors, but they exit the scheme when people are least expecting it.

It is common for people to lose their life savings due to a lack of financial responsibility.

In other words, they do not manage risk properly…

The only money you should invest in is what you are comfortable losing. Obviously, I don’t encourage people to get involved in Ponzi schemes if they have money to lose. My only advice is to invest wisely. 

(Legal) investments, in general, are all I’m referring to.

Nevertheless, the future of Antares Trade will only be known as time progresses.

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