Daisy AI Launches Shit-Token Ponzi Exit Scam Coming Soon

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The Ponzi scheme created by Daisy AI appears on the verge of collapse.

Daisy tokens have been launched as a new investment scheme in part due to this.

The Daisy Token is now being sold for $1 to $1.50 to regular investors and the general public following a sale to top investors and promoters for 10 cents each.

Daisy AI

Daisy AI is asking for USDT investments into its Daisy tokens.

After investing in Daisy tokens, the tokens are parked within the company. Holders of Daisy tokens receive more tokens for not cashing out.

By manipulating the number of tokens sold internally, Daisy AI creates a higher price for the token.

The Daisy tokens invested by regular investors will be locked up to prevent admins or top investors from cashing out before them.

  • Over the course of 90 days, 5% of Daisy tokens will be unlocked.
  •  After 90 days, 10% of invested in Daisy tokens will be unlocked per month.

Due to this artificial limitation, Daisy AI administrators, top promoters, or investors are excluded from this restriction.

A similar Ponzi scheme-like commissions are paid on Daisy token investments as well on the MLM side.

There is only one notable difference: the referral commission has been raised to 10% from 5%.

You can read our Daisy AI review for more information.

Daisy AI Scam

Late last year, Daisy AI appeared on the scene. In the beginning, Daisy AI was a straight USDT investment scheme, but after months of delays, it was eventually integrated with TRON.

Traffic analysis by Alexa indicates that Daisy AI’s website is likely seeing a decline in visitors. A Ponzi scheme is headed for collapse if it continues along this path.

It’s time for Daisy’s token. This well-known exit scheme has been used by MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes countless times.

In the long run, whatever they use to launch the token eventually replaces whatever they pay out in the scam. Tron would be Daisy AI’s equivalent.

After that, the token is dumped on dodgy public exchanges. Scammers and admins profit from it.

Daisy AI investors are left holding the bag once the stock drops.

Daisy Shit tokens may also be released in the future under the Daisy AI DeFi platform. Daisy token’s launch period is likely to determine how much USDT EndoTech swindles.

Dmitry Gushchin and Anna Becker launched Daisy AI. They are supposedly based in Israel.

Promoting the company has been handled by Jeremy Roma, one of its creators. Currently, Roma represents Daisy AI.

It is believed that Roma, who had been living in the U.S., fled the country to Dubai. As the centre of MLM scams in the world due to the lack of regulations and limited extradition agreements, Dubai is the most popular.

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