ZetBull Limited Review: 2.5% Daily ROI or Another Huge Scam?

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Welcome To My ZetBull Limited Review!

This is one of the latest Crypto HYIP platform that has caught my eyes.

They have a variety of investment plans starting from 1.5% daily ROI up to 1600% ROI after 160 business days! Just because of these insane returns I decided to check them out.

Chances are you are looking at them because honestly these numbers are too good!!!

Well the good news is that you are reading the Best review about ZetBull. I am going to go through all the details about this company, so by end of this review you will have a better understanding of ZetBull and whether they are legit or not.

ZetBull Limited Reviews (Company):

ZetBull Limited

Landing on their website ZetBull doesn’t provide any information in regards to who runs or owns the company. This is a red flag right here, not being transparent.

Furthermore, I checked their domain registration and found out that ‘zetbull.com’ has been privately registered since May 2019.

ZetBull Review

In addition to that, they do provide a UK registration on their website. Upon checking that registration I found out that ZETBULL LIMITED has been incorporated in UK in December 2020. So as you can see here the dates are not matching.

Also based on their UK registration, a person named ‘WALTON, Richard’ is the director of the company. I did a quick Google search on him and I wasn’t able to find out any digital footprint connecting this person to ZetBull Limited. All I can assume they have just grab a name from internet and paste it there on the registration papers.

Lastly, I checked the website traffic on Alexa Rank, as of today most of the traffic coming to zetbull.com are from Libya, following by Russia and Ukraine, and traffic has been rising steadily since last 90 days.

ZetBull.com rank

ZetBull Limited Review (Products):

ZetBull Limited doesn’t have any product or services that you can sell to a retail customer. All you can do is become an affiliate, invest in one of their packages and start promoting their affiliate membership.

ZetBull Limited Compensation Plan:

ZetBull Limited has 10 compensation plan divided in 3 categories.

The profit for some plans are Daily and for some are After.

DAILY investment plans

ZET1$10.00 – $1,000.001.50% daily20 business days
ZET2$75,000.00 – $150,000.002.00% daily35 business days
ZET3$125,000.00 – $200,000.002.50% daily55 business days

AFTER investment plans

ZET4$150k – $250k650.00% daily35 business days
ZET5$100k – $125k1500.00% after55 business days
ZET6$50k – $100k3000.00% after70 business days
ZET7$25k – $75k6500.00% after100 business days
ZET8$13k – $50k16000.00% after160 business days

VIP investment plans

VIP555$500k – $500k555.00% after20 business days
VIP1555$500k – $500k1555.00% after35 business days

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ZetBull Limited Review Affiliate Membership

ZetBull Limited have a simple referral program for their partners.

It follows the same Uni-Level structure illustrated below:

BitSei Review

Uni-Level referral program starts with you at top, then whoever you personally recruit are going to be your Level 1 recruit.

After that, whoever your Level 1 recruits is going to be your Level 2.

This basically goes down an infinite level as it’s illustrated in the above image.

zetbull.com caps it to 3 levels.

  • Level 1 (Personal Recruit): 5%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Level 3: 1%

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Cost To Join ZetBull Limited

It is free to join ZetBull Limited, however, if you want to participate in any of the return on investment plans you need to at least deposit $10.

Final Verdict:

So is ZetBull Limited Legit or is it just another scam?

Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

ZetBull Limited hasn’t been transparent at all and we don’t know who is actually running the company.

They only have UK Company house registration and as you might already know, this registration is super cheap and mostly unregulated which makes a desirable choice for scammers.

In addition to that, the only income I can see coming in zetbull.com is the new investment paying of the existing members, which makes it your typical Ponzi scheme.

The math behind all the Ponzi schemes is the same, once the recruitment stops the whole company will collapse and a lot of people will lose money.

I can’t recommend this company!

I hoped you enjoyed my zetbull.com review.

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This ZetBull Limited Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming ZetBull Limited nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from my perspective because I strongly believe every brand needs a good 

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with me via the comments box below so as to further improve this ZetBull Limited review.

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