Young Living MLM review: Legit MLM or Huge Scam

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Welcome to my Young Living MLM review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I chose to investigate.

Chances are somebody approached you about the business opportunity or their products and you landed here to ensure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan, with videos, so you can settle on the correct choice.

Pay close attention and make sure you READ this to the end…

Young Living Review (company):

Young Living is the world’s largest essential oils MLM company, based in Lehi, Utah in USA.

The company’s vision statement is:

To bring Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world.

And they are doing a pretty good job:

  • Young Living has offices in 12 countries with more than 3,000 employees
  • They operate over 16 corporate and partner farms globally
  • Have an estimated 4 million distributors around the world

In 2018 alone, Young Living raked in around $1.9 billion in revenue.

You will get close to that number if:

You earn a million dollars every single day for the next five years in a row.

In other words, Young Living is selling a TON of essential oils.

Young Living Products:

Here’s the deal:

Young Living sells a LOT of essential oils. Like, a whole lot.

In fact:

They have so many types of oils that in 2015, they won an award called Utah Genius Award (given to companies that register the most new trademarks in a year).

How many oils are we talking about?

Young Living currently offers more than 500 varieties of essential oil products ranging from single bottles and roll-on applicators to massage oils and even dietary oils that can be ingested.

However, if those are not what you are looking for:

Young Living also offers a whole line of EO-infused household and personal care products including soaps, lotions, toothpaste, cough drops, and even their Savvy Minerals makeup line.

Oh… and we can’t forget about their essential oil blends for pets. (Seriously, they’re called Animal Scents! 🙂 .

But what Young Living is mostly known for is their individual essential oils and blends for use in their aromatherapy diffusers.

Their singles collection contains over 80 individual essential oils, including the most-popular lavender and peppermint, to more exotic-sounding oils such as Northern Lights Black Spruce and Sacred Sandalwood.

Young Living also has around 90 essential oil blends to choose from, with names such as Magnify Your PurposeHighest Potential, and Into the Future.

Are Young Living Oils Safe and Organic?

Based on what I have found, while Young Living’s essential oils are not “certified organic”, they might actually be higher quality than organic.

Let me expand on this a bit more.

When a product is labeled “USDA Organic”, it only has to be 95% organic which means 5% could still be synthetic.

Which is why Young Living promotes their Seed to Seal process so aggressively.

Basically, Seed to Seal has three main objectives to ensure the finest therapeutic-grade oils are being produced:

  • Sourcing
  • Science
  • Standards

So I think it’s safe to say that Young Living produces some of the highest quality oils on the market.

As you may know, each essential oil is thought to have specific health benefits.

And there seems to be an oil for virtually every problem you can imagine.

Young Living Most Popular Essential Oils

Like anything though, essential oils can be dangerous if they’re misused.

The company even admits this on

Excessive use of essential oils may increase the risk for adverse reactions.

According to the National Capital Poison Center, some people can have extremely negative reactions to essential oils, including skin rashes and even seizures in children if certain oils are swallowed.

How Much It Cost To Join?

You can join Young Living with a Basic Starter Kit for only $45.

As an Independent Distributor, you’ll get 24% off retail pricing on any Young Living products, as well as the opportunity to earn commissions.

However, to join with a Premium Starter Kit, it’ll cost you anywhere from $150 to $265 depending on which options you choose.

But still, it’s nice to be able to invest in a home business for less than $50.

Can You Make Money with Young Living? (Compensation Plan)

Here is a video that I found, which explain the Young Living compensation plan easily.

(You can check out their official compensation guide here.)


To become a distributor for Young Living, you’ll need to sign up as a wholesale member by purchasing a Starter Kit.

Although you can purchase a Basic Starter Kit for $45, most new recruits are encouraged to purchase a Premium Starter Kit for $150 to $265 depending on which options you choose.

Basically, there are 8 ways to earn income with Young Living:

  • Retail Customer Earnings
  • Starter Kit Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Rising Star Bonus Pool
  • Unilevel Commission
  • Generation Commission
  • Generation Leadership Bonus
  • Diamond Leadership Bonus

To break it down:

Retail Customer Earnings

As a wholesale member, you’ll receive wholesale pricing which means you’ll make 24% profit each time you sell a Young Living product to a retail customer.

An example would be:

Let’s say you have a friend who wants to support your Young Living business and they agree to purchase some essential oils from you.

You can set them up with a customer account and every time they place an order, Young Living will send you a check for the difference between wholesale and retail which is 24%.

Starter Kit and Fast Start Bonuses

The next way to earn income is by recruiting new Young Living distributors to your team.

If you personally enroll a new member with any of the Premium Starter Kits, you’ll receive a $25 one-time Starter Kit Bonus.

You’ll also receive a Fast Start Bonus (aka “Start Living Bonus) which is 25% of the Personal Volume (PV) on any orders that your new recruits make in their first three months (up to $200), and a 10% bonus if any of your recruits manage to enroll someone else.

Personal Volume (PV) simply means the total monthly volume of your personal orders. Each Young Living product has a set PV and in the US it’s the same value of the purchase price (e.g. $100 product = 100 PV).

Bottom line is, every time you recruit someone with a $150 Premium Starter Kit, you’re guaranteed to make $50 from the Starter Kit and Fast Start bonuses.

Rising Star Bonus Pool

Next up is the Rising Star Bonus. A bonus where you are eligible to earn shares of Young Living’s monthly commissionable sales.

As you move up in rank from Distributor, Star, Senior Star, and Executive, you’ll be placing new recruits underneath you in what’s referred to as “legs”.

To earn the Rising Star Bonus, you need to have 7 legs across your downline with varying Organizational Group Volume (OGV). You also need to be enrolled in the Essential Rewards program and place a 100 PV order every month.

Organizational Group Volume (OGV) simply means the total sum of the Personal Volume ordered in your downline during any month.

How Much Can I Earn with Young Living?

Ah yes, the million-dollar question.

Well, it depends on the size of your Young Living organization.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can earn at different ranks:

Young living earning

But before you get too excited about making $150k per month…

There is something you should know. According to Young Living’s latest income disclosure statement, about 97% of all their distributors make less than $6000 per year ($500 per month or less).

In fact, only 3% of Young Living distributors make more than $25k per year. Which isn’t surprising. According to the FDA, the average success rate in any MLM company is right around 1%.

So even if you absolutely LOVE Young Living’s essential oils, you may not be a fan of those odds.

Welcome to the wonderful world of network marketing. How likely is it that you’ll make money with Young Living?

Well, that depends how much time and work you’re willing to invest in your network marketing business.

At the higher Young Living ranks, the potential to make serious bank is real — the average Diamond distributor is making around $35,000 per month.

But only one in a thousand distributors make it to that level. Literally 0.07%.

You may ask why? well, because the vast majority of people can’t handle the most important part of any MLM business: recruiting other folks into your downline.

Still, if you have a passion for Young Living essential oils and a burning desire to work from home (and a really thick skin) — you might be a great fit for this business.

Unlike all the other Young Living reviews I am going to keep it real with you.

Final Verdict

They are not scam and they have been around for quite some time, however, If you can’t stomach the idea of trying to convince your friends, family, and even perfect strangers to support and join your essential oil empire, then you might want to think twice before jumping.

Most MLM business are like this, if you want to rank higher and earn more money you have to be good with people and marketing skill and plus you need to put in a lot of time.

There are much easier and faster way that doesn’t require you to recruit people or go out and knock everyone doors and sell your product.

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