Vertex Trades Review: Can You Make 175% ROI in Crypto?

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Welcome to Vertex Trades Review,

I have been looking for new investment platform that makes huge ROI and Vertex Trades is the latest one that has caught my eyes.

This is not another ordinary platform. Vertex Trades promises to give you up to 175% return on your investment!

This is a huge number and you can get it without doing anything, just signing up and depositing some cash.

I know what you are thinking, it is too good to be true, but hay, what if it is true?

If you wanna know that if Vertex Trades is legit or just another scam, make sure you read this review till the END.

I am going to give you all the details and info that is, from the company, it’s registration, legality, products and how much you can possibly earn.

Now let’s begin with the company…

Vertex Trades Review (Company)

Vertex Trades

Landing on their website, in their management section they have:

Vertex Trades

As you can see all the images have a LinkedIn and Facebook button, however when you tap on them they do nothing.

This simply means these are just stock photo with fake names.

In addition I ran a quick search on every single one of them, and I wasn’t able to find any digital footprint to connect any of the above persons to the Vertex Trades.

Vertex Trades is a registered company. They have a registration certificate from UK Companies house.

I looked at their registration and found out they have been incorporated on March 2020 under the ‘VERTEX TRADES LTD‘ name.

VertexTrades Legit

Two things I checked on Vertex Trades certificate that was kind of sketchy;

First, their address doesn’t look like an office at all.

Vertex Trades Office

As you can see this is obviously a residential building.

Second, in the ‘People’ section of the certificate, they have a person named ‘David Barton’ as their Director and CEO.

This is completely in the contrast with what they have on their website, they think they can just put names and get away with it until someone like me comes and go through all their details and point them out!

Not good at all!

Vertex Trades CEO

Furthermore, based on Alexa Rank, most of the traffic coming to their website as of today is from India with more than 50%.

This kind of suggest that people behind this company are most likely from India or at least the website admins are operating from there.

Vertex Trades Scam

Vertex Trades Products doesn’t have any retail-able product or services that you can sell to an actual customer.

You can register and start any of the investment plan that they provide and start earning huge ROIs.

Vertex Trades also have an affiliate program along with a binary bonus.

Vertex Trades Compensation Plans

Vertex Trades investment plans are very feasible and encourage even the amateur investors to invest with and make profit.

The investment plan starts as low as $30, so that anyone who is eager to earn livelihood can take advantage of these plans and grow their profit.

Any individual with internet access might earn huge ROI with Vertex Trades with no to very little trading knowledge.

Vertex Trades Investment

As you can see from the above image, you can earn from 150% up to 175% with Vertex Trades investment packages.

These all sound pretty amazing and tempting, however one thing that is missing here for me is that where is the data and info to back these huge promised ROI up!!

Warren Buffett on his best year might hit 30% ROI and Vertex Trades promises 175% in only 50 days!?!

Tired of failing online? Copy what I did to make my first $1000 online in a less than week.

Vertex Trades Affiliate Program

Vertex Trades has a simple uni-level referral program.

Uni-Level referral program starts with you at top, then whoever you personally recruit are going to be your Level 1 recruit.

After that, whoever your Level 1 recruits is going to be your Level 2.

This basically goes down an infinite level as it’s illustrated in this image.


Vertex Trades cap their levels to 1 level.

  • Level 1 (Personally recruit): 10%

Binary Commission

Vertex Trades provides binary matching bonus based on the chart provided below. The clients can earn up to $10000 daily on binary capping.

Only accounts with active deposits are eligible to earn binary matching bonus. Clients need to build down-lines under their account to earn huge binary capping.

Binary commission is 10% of the matching investment on the left and right side under you. Power Leg is carried forward. Daily binary matching income is calculated every 24 hours.

Binary Slab

Vertex Trades Binary slab is based on the chart below:

Vertex Trades Binary

Binary matching plan is multilevel network marketing plan, in which each client can only place 2 members under him/her; one on the right side and another on the left side.

The tree of a Binary Network Plan will have two legs-left and right; but if a member recruits more than two, then the additional member will be added to the next member down-line.

This concept allows the additional member to be shared with down-line member (Power Leg) and the one who recruited them. This is referred to as spill-over.

With respect to the profit leg, there won’t be a spill-over as the profit leg will be expanded with individually sponsored down-lines.


For example in above diagram, A has B and C on the left and right side respectively. Similarly, B and C
can also have two members under them; in the above diagram D and E under B and F and G under C.
The investments below each member on the left and right side is matched daily according to the binary
matching chart and bonus is paid. If A keeps referring further new members, the new referred members
will end up below B or C, thus placing new clients under B or C and so forth. In the above example, D is
referred by A and placed it on the left side under B (Power Leg).

Power Leg: The new referred members from clients above will be placed under your power leg, thus the
power leg will have automatic placement of new members by clients above you.

Profit Leg: The members on the other side of your power leg are personally referred by you or your

Binary Capping: Daily capping is done of the investments on the power leg side and profit leg side and binary
bonus is paid on the matching investment.

Vertex Trades Tripole Investing

Tripole Investment Strategy $150 with in 24 hours:

Create your own 3 ids ( You can refer yourself) , invest $30 on top ID just to activate binary referral ( you will also get Daily Roi for this $30 ) , next refer yourself and create 1 ID on left and 1 on right, make investment of $500 each so you get $50 + $50 back as direct referrals, and $50 back after 24 hours as binary commission , so you get $150 right back within 24 hours.

Vertex Trades Withdrawal

All withdrawal requests are scrutinized and duly processed by our finance department as early as possible. The client needs to fill a withdrawal form in the Vertex Trades account and submit.

All the withdrawals will be cleared at the earliest within maximum time frame of 48 hours. Vertex Trades do charge 10% withdrawal fees to transfer funds to your e-currency/digital currency accounts.

So, at Vertex Trades, it is always advisable for the clients to transfer their profits accumulated to their referrals via internal transfer.

Cost To Join

It is free to sign-up for, however if you would like to start any of their investment plan and start earning passive income you need a minimum of $30 deposit.

You can possibly avoid forking out money from your pocket by becoming an affiliate and start promoting their affiliate membership. Once people start signing-up via your affiliate link and start depositing, you can earn commission on their deposit.

From that commission you can build up your own deposit.

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Now that I have covered everything about Vertex Trades it is time for me to give you my unbiased conclusion.

Final Verdict

So can you actually trust Vertex Trades and make 175% ROI within only 50 days?!

Well, my short answer would be no.

They are not transparent at all. They have a management team, however they all are stock photo and fake names.

Their office address looks fake too.

In addition to that, UK registration is very cheap and mostly unregulated which this makes a perfect a choice for scammers.

Also just having a registration with UK Companies House is not enough. As I have established they are working in a financial sector and they are offering return on investment.

In order for them to operate legally they need to be register with financial regulators such as FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority)[1] and/or SEC (US Securities And Exchange Commission)[2] at least.

Them not being registered with any financial regulators simply means that they are offering return on investment illegally.

This means your Money is not safe with them, at any point in time they can shut down and stop the withdrawal and you can’t do anything about it.

The only income I can see coming through is the new affiliate paying for the existing investors.

Not having another stream of revenue and 100% relying on affiliate recruitment makes Loan Trades a Pyramid Scheme[3].

Math behind the pyramid scheme is obvious. Once the recruitment stalls, they can’t satisfy the promised return on investment, this inevitably forces the company to collapse. Most of the people (except the owner and the top affiliates) will lose money.

I can’t recommend this company!

I hoped you enjoyed my Vertex Trades review.

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