Vasayo Review: Legit Helth Supplement MLM or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to my Vasayo Review!

Most probably you have already heard about this company and want to know if Vasayo is legit and if you can earn money with it.

You don’t need to look further. In this unbiased third-party review I am going to go through all there is about Vasayo and the business opportunity.

By end of this review, you will have all the information you need to make an inform decision in regards to joining Vasayo or not.

This is a completely independent review. 

Before I get started I fully congratulate you for doing your research and finding an independent review – this is the best way to avoid getting scammed and find the very best way to make money online. 

Vasayo Reviews (Company)


The organization was established in 2016 by Dallin and Karree Larsen. Vasayo was launched just a year after their past MLM company, MonaVie. Vasayo is based out of Utah, in the U.S., they do have another headquarters down in Hong Kong.

Based on Alexa Rank, currently the get their majority of their from US.

As a business Vasayo works in the wellbeing and health area – which many organizations promoting works in sell in a wide range of mixture, lotions and, to be quite frank “Oleum De Serpente”. 

They have a wide scope of wellbeing supplements, skin care and weight loss products available under their brand name of Microlife Nutritionals. 

In the same way as other organization, MLM organizations have hopped on board the CBD Oil fleeting trend and have a scope of items in this classification too.

It has been asserted that Vasayo created US$12 Million every year. This is a case that I was unable to confirm.

Vasayo Review (Products)

Vasayo Products

Vasayo’s nutritional supplements use liposomes to supposedly convey nutrients to the body without permitting them to be separated by the digestive system. Liposomes are intended to improve the viability of supplements, by having a more proficient delivery strategy.

Among Vasayo’s current products are:

  • Microlife CBD ONE: A broad-spectrum, organic compliant, made in the USA CBD product.
  • Microlife V-TOX: A blend of fulvic acid and cleansing herbs meant to provide nutrients and support a detoxifying experience.
  • Eternal by Vasayo: An age-defying and youth-restoring blend of antioxidants and polyphenols.
  • Microlife V-SLIM: A weight management supplement that helps manage stress, balance hormones, and suppress appetite.
  • Microlife Core Complete: A daily multivitamin and multimineral supplement with the addition of probiotics, omega fats, and digestive enzymes.
  • Microlife Neuro: A brain-boosting supplement that supports memory, clarity, and cognitive function.
  • Microlife V3: An energy-boosting formula
  • Microlife Sleep: A micromyst to support healthy sleep
  • Microlife Renew: A microgel that supports overall wellness and improved joint health

Vasayo Review – Cost To Join

To join Vasayo you should pay a membership fee that has four pricing points which are: 

  1. US$239
  2. US$329
  3. US$499
  4. US$889

The more you pay, the more products you will get for selling. There is an extra US$1,495 founders bundle.

Vasayo Review (Commissions)

As anyone might expect the Vasayo remuneration plan is complex like most MLMs. Yet, I’ll make an honest effort to unravel their rewards plan. Direct commissions can reach up to 20%, and you should keep a binary system with two brand partners. You should keep a PV of a minimum of 80, and get paid $25 for each 240 GV aggregated on every leg. half of all client volume is passed upline.

Vasayo has 18 commission positions, going from the starting “brand partner” level to the “triple crown blue diamond” level.

There is additionally a wide scope of rewards and motivators for sales, newcomers, authority, and a leader checks match of 2.5% that goes 7 layers down.

Direct Retail Commissions

As a Vasayo distributor you can earn a 20% commission on the products that you sell. 

There are a couple of bonuses worked into their retail commissions which are: 

  • 1. US$50 When you manage to generate 500 Personal Volume in Retail Sales during an ongoing 4 week period. 
  • 2. US$150 when you manage to generate 1,000 In Personal Volume In Retail sales over a 4 week ongoing period.

Recruitment Commissions

As a Vasayo distributor you can earn Product Introduction Bonuses on the products that your recruits order for 4 weeks. 

This bonus is calculated as a percentage bonus of the sales volume that has been generated by your recruits product orders. 

The percentage that you are is directly related to the Personal Volume as follows:

  • 80 Personal Volume: Earn a 10% Product Introduction Bonus
  • 160 Personal Volume: Earn a 20% Product Introduction Bonus. 

Residual MLM Commissions

The MLM residual commissions are calculated out using the binary compensation model where you are obliged to recruit a minimum of 2 recruits, one of which is placed on your left leg and the other your weaker leg as indicated in the image below. 


Note how each level has double the number of recruits as the previous level above them. 

The positions in your binary team are filled by both your direct recruitment and the recruitment by your recruits (indirect recruits). 

When each week ends the total sales volume on both legs of your team are added up and you can earn US$25 per cycle commission for every 240/480 Group Volume on both legs of your binary team. 

This is matched on each side and is limited to 1,100 cycles – US$27,500 per week as follows: 

  • Starter Group Rank to Exec Brand Partner Rank: Capped at 100 cycles Which Is US$2500.
  • Bronze Rank: Capped at 200 cycles Which s US$5000.
  • Silver Rank: Capped at 300 cycles Which Works out at US$7500.
  • Gold Rank: Capped at 400 cycles Which Works Out at US$10,000.
  • Platinum Rank: Capped At 500 cycles Which are a neat US$12,500.
  • Pearl Rank: Capped At 600 cycles Which are a neat $15,000.
  • Blue Sapphire Rank: Capped At 700 cycles Which are $17,500.
  • Ruby Rank: Capped At 800 cycles Which are $20,000.
  • Emerald Rank: Capped At 900 cycles Which are $22,500.
  • Diamond Rank to Imperial Black Diamond Rank: Capped At 1000 cycles Which are $25000.
  • Crown Blue Diamond Rank and above: Capped at 1100 cycles Which is $27500.

To be commission qualified you are obliged to maintain a minimum of 2 recruits that you have personally recruited on each side of your binary team. 

Final Verdict

I studied and detailed the compensation plan and my finding are that the plan is very well balanced between retaining sales and recruitment meaning they are not a Pyramid Scheme


There is a slight element of pay to play with the US$1,495 Founders Package as it appears to be tied into a bonus pool. Meaning you are buying in to get that bonus, the regulation clearly states that this is not permited. 

Clearly Vasayo are not a pyramid scheme but do have that slight pay to play issue. 

After studying the company, their products, history, and their compensation plan I can confidently say that in my opinion, Vasayo is not a scam. 

There is no fraud, deception or anything going on that would leave you at a financial loss. 

Dallin and Karree Larsen were also founders of a health MLM, known as MonaVie. It was plagued by lawsuits, false advertising, and copyright infringement. They grew their income to $854 million and went bankrupt from all the settlements they had to pay out and defaulted on a $182M loan. Many MonaVie distributors lost their income overnight. Would you trust joining an MLM built by founders who already have a negative reputation in the MLM world? I know I sure wouldn’t!

On Last Thing

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This Vasayo Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Vasayo nor is it targeted at promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from my perspective because I strongly believe every brand needs a good 

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with me via the comments box below so as to further improve this Vasayo review.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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