TronCase Scam Confirmed – Exit Scam – Investors Lose Out!

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Troncase was supposed to launch an ecosystem and also promised that 10% of Coinswap’s daily return would be transferred to their Troncase contract.


No such thing happened.

Rather, TronCase decided to wipe out all the company’s balances.

As of right now, news of The Troncase scandal is spreading on Facebook.


This was from a public Facebook group:


On July 1st, Troncase had 96 million TRX and on July 10th they had zero TRX.

How dare these affiliates to continue to rip off their followers…

Wouldn’t it be better if people stopped joining scams like these?

In my original TronCase review, I referred to it as a 300% ROI Ponzi scheme, where the only income I could see was new investments paying off existing members.

Obviously, their affiliates took offense to my defamation of their company, but guess what happened?

If you are dependent on new investments to pay off existing members, once recruitment slows, it’s goodbye Ponzi scheme.

Neither the owner(s) or the admin(s) of Troncase were transparent about themselves, so we cannot hold them responsible.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely difficult to track, even if you went to the authorities. Where would the authorities begin?

Ponzi schemes exist when a company promises a fixed return without being registered with any securities regulator.

If the company does not have a transparent management team, it’s a Ponzi scheme…

A Ponzi scheme is a company that hires a fake CEO…

It is common for crypto MLM companies like this to go under…

It normally begins with them stopping payment before they drag it on for another month.

Seems like Troncase took the 96 million TRX overnight.

As for now, I’ll keep you posted if I discover anything more…

There are rumors about Troncase Two Point O, but I highly doubt it…

This is unless it’s created by different scammers and attempts to rip off gullible investors.

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