Review: Legit Up To 30% Hourly Return Or Scam?

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Welcome to my Review!

Recently there has been some buzz around this HYIP and I decided to take a closer look.

You might have been approached by someone to join and you wanted to do research before joining them and you landed here.

The good news is, I am going to go through the company, products, compensation plan, and much more. By end of this review, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Pay close attention and make sure you read this till the END. Review – Company

Landing on their website, does not provide any information in regards to who runs or owns the company.

So what I did was, I checked their domain registration and found out has been privately registered since September 2020. I wasn’t able to find any more info from their domain registration. domain

Now what I found on was their UK Company House registration number.

So I went down to UK Company house website and search for them. Here is what I found: legit

As you can see, the registered name of the company is STOCKBROKER TRADE LION LTD and the nature of the business is Fund management activities and Administration of financial markets.

Also there is person named FONTASIEWICZ, Krzysztof whom seems like to be the director of the company. owner

I did search that name on google, and there were only one significant person kept showing up, however he wasn’t related in to in anyway. All I can assume is that they are just using a fake name.

Lastly, I checked their website traffic via Alexa Rank, and currently most of the traffic coming to is from India, followed by Russia and Bangladesh. russia

Now let’s talk about products. Reviews – Products does not provide any retailable product or services that you can sell to a real customer.

All you can do is to become and affiliate and promote their affiliate membership. Which means you can also invest in hope of earning that advertised return on investment!

Now before we keep going….

If you want to learn how to actually make real money online with training and coaching

partner with me Compensation Plan provides 8 compensation plans divided into 2 categories: Investment Plans and VIP Plans compensation

Investment Plans

  • 1.04% hourly for 100 hours- Min. deposit: $25 – Max. deposit: $249 – refferal. commission: 1%
  • 1.4% hourly for 75 hours- Min. deposit: $250 – Max. deposit: $499 – refferal. commission: 1%
  • 2.2% hourly for 50 hours- Min. deposit: $500 – Max. deposit: $999 – refferal. commission: 2%
  • 4.8% hourly for 25 hours- Min. deposit: $1000 – Max. deposit: $1999 – refferal. commission: 3%

VIP Plans

  • 6.5% hourly for 20 hours- Min. deposit: $2000 – Max. deposit: $2999 – refferal. commission: 5%
  • 9% hourly for 15 hours- Min. deposit: $3000 – Max. deposit: $4999 – refferal. commission: 7%
  • 14% hourly for 10 hours- Min. deposit: $5000 – Max. deposit: $9999 – refferal. commission: 10%
  • 30% hourly for 5 hours- Min. deposit: $10000 – Max. deposit: $50000 – refferal. commission: 15%

Affiliate Membership

Here is how affiliate program works:

For each client of the company, a unique affiliate link is generated including his login. Each new member registered through your affiliate link becomes your referral and in the future, for each deposit made by him, you will receive a fixed fee. Please note that for deposits on various investment plans, different remuneration is provided. has four investment plans and the referral commission is set as follows:

  • 1% per 100-hour plan
  • 1% per 75-hour plan
  • 2% per 50-hour plan
  • 3% per 25-hour plan
  • 5% per 20-hour plan
  • 7% per 15-hour plan
  • 10% per 10-hour plan
  • 15% per 5-hour plan Review Withdrawal

Here I have gathered some information in regards to account/withdrawal/deposit.

  • The use of multiple accounts is prohibited by the company, each participant can create only one account in the project.
  • Acceptable payment systems and cryptocurrencies, namely PerfectMoneyBitcoinEthereumLitecoinRippleBitcoinCashTronDogecoinBinanceCoinDashStellar and ZCash
  • For all types of cryptocurrencies, a minimum of three confirmations is required and then the deposit will be credited.
  • You can withdraw funds exclusively to the payment system in which they are on the account balance. The same applies to referral deposits for deposits made by invited members.
  • Withdrawal minimum restrictions: Perfect Money – $0.25; Bitcoin – $25; Ethereum – $25; Litecoin – $25; Ripple – $25; BitcoinCash – $25; Tron – $25; Dogecoin – $25; BinanceCoin – $25; Dash – $25; Stellar – $25; ZCash – $25; No maximum amount restriction applies.

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Cost To Join

It is free to join You can simply go to the website and create a free account, however, if you want to join any of the investment programs and start earning the passive income you need to at least deposit $25 USD.

Now that I have went through all the details about it is time for my unbiased third party verdict.

Is Legit Or Scam

Well let’s look at the facts, shall we?

We don’t know who runs or owns the company.

They are promising crazy return on investment and they don’t even have FCA registration. This only means that they don’t have any external revenue, they can’t file an audit and ultimately they are operating illegally.

In addition to that, they don’t show any proof of external revenue coming into the company. All I can see is the new investors’ money, paying off the existing members. This makes a pyramid scheme.

The math behind all the Ponzi schemes is the same, once the recruitment dries up, there won’t be any money to pay off the existing investors and the company will collapse. A lot of people will lose money!

I can’t recommend this Company, stay away! Review / Recommendation

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This Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from my perspective because I strongly believe every brand needs a good 

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with me via the comments box below so as to further improve this review.

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