Safemoon and how it will completely destroy Binance

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Alright, so first you need to know about safemoon and reflections aka tokenomics.

Almost everyone already knows that. If you’re still confused, let me explain it for 30 seconds.

Holders of Safe Moon earn passive rewards through static reflection as their balances grow indefinitely as their balances grow.

This cryptocurrency is unique due to its static RFI rewards. Rather than using digital burns, it employs a manual burn strategy to control the supply, which is an enabler rewarding and beneficial burn strategy for long-term holders and achievers.

Now let’s do some Safemoon Math

safemoon update

So basically there is a 10% fee on each transaction, and statement holders get a portion of this fee as passive income. Passive income increases as the wallet size increases.

For example, the biggest whale has over 20 trillion safe moon tokens.

He makes $300 seventy-six thousand dollars per month from passive income. You get slightly less because not everyone can afford 20 trillion tokens.

Since SafeMoon is just a four-month-old project, reflections will not be the big deal until they unveil their wallet and exchange.

AMA Safuna CEO said that there won’t go live at the end of July, which is pretty crazy.

Safemoon and B&B:


Safemoon means B&B for Binance Coin, which we can compare it to.

If you didn’t know the 24-hour daily volume of BNB is approximately $1.8 billion.

The meaning of that is now clear to you. Safe Moon could reach a daily volume of $1 billion in no time.

With 1 billion for a safe moon, which is the target many people are aiming for in the comments, a moon that gets $1.8 billion daily will get $90.00 per day in reflections.

It’s a passive income if you get $450 in daily reflections for 5 billion safemoon. That’s insane. But who said that? Will Binance take over Wallet in Exchange or at least match its popularity? Today’s video will reveal that.

To compare Binance to safeMoon, I want to introduce you to Binance, one of the most popular crypto exchanges worldwide. Find out how Binance became so popular.

Binance has achieved considerable success. The company faced and overcame challenges that easily could have brought an end to the company many times.

Binance History:

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world today is Binance. Sisi, or Zou, the CEO and founder of Binance, deserves a great deal of credit for the company’s success. Success stories like the rise and rise of the exchange are no less than Hollywood blockbusters.

Zuo didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. He didn’t come from a wealthy background. Early in the 1980s, he arrived in Janxu Province, China. Vancouver, Canada, became his new home. As a result of his temporary exile from China, Sisi’s father, a professor, moved.

When Sisi was a teenager, she worked at McDonald’s Anna Gas stations to support the family. Canada’s McGill University educated Zao in computer science.

A former trader for the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Bloomberg Tradebook, he developed software for futures trading. After moving to Shanghai in 2005, he founded Fusion Systems, known for its high-frequency trading systems for brokers.

Discovery of cryptocurrency.

In 2013, as Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies began gaining traction, he switched to crypto. As a business development director at blockchain info, he oversaw various cryptocurrency projects.

Zao left the blockchain industry in June 2014 and joined OK COIN as its new CEO, where he met Finance Co-founder and CMO Ehm. Zao left OK Coin in February 2015 citing cultural differences.

During that time, many social media users and news sources did not mention Zo. Following a 15 million dollar fundraising round in July 2017, he returned with the company. It was named after the combination of binary and finance during an initial coin offering. The world’s money is divided into two types.

RIP Dylan, Fiat, and here Binance was born.

Building trust

All Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges were shut down by the government in September of 2017.

In response, Beijing changed its regulations and ordered all exchanges that participate in I CEOs to return investor funds. The CEO went above and beyond by refunding Binance users, their original assets, and the original investment rate for the CEOs who invested. Nansen’s first act was extremely loyal, following within the crypto community finance, and the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba hosted more than 200 cloud-based servers.

About 6 million dollars were lost as a result of the company’s decision. Binance emerged as one of the most trusted platforms within the Chinese crypto community after moving its operations out of the country, allowing the exchange to grow exponentially over time. Want to know more?

Insistent transparency.

With its actions and announcements, the project consistently demonstrated transparency. Although the biggest cryptocurrency exchange attracted malicious attacks, it was also widely known around the world.

Hackers tried to launch a large-scale attack in March 2018, but it lasted only two minutes. Hackers were thwarted by security protocols in finance.

As a result of the risk management system, the hackers were not able to withdraw funds. An unprecedented hacker bounty program was announced by Finance immediately. The company offered a reward of 250,000 U.S. dollars to the first person who provided information leading to the legal arrest of the hackers.

Financial Services Agency, Japan’s top financial regulator, was caught up in the hack and subsequent response.

FSA demanded that Binance get an exchange license, and implement the rigorous restriction.

Vagabond Finance decided to settle on the liberally regulated island of Malta this time. Nets were welcomed on the island by Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscott himself.

I believe that pointing out the mall is not so necessary in highlighting why my grandma’s so popular.

Safemoon Haters:

That’s all I think you need to know. Safemoon haters tend to make this argument the most often.

Safemoon is saying that thousands of billionaires and millionaires will become wealthy thanks to its products. They also don’t bother to look at BNB coins, instead, they look at Binance coins. What a fool!

When it comes to the possibility of safemoon overtaking Binance with its Cryptonomicon, there are more profits to be earned than early holders of Binance.

I think it’s pretty clear that most people will sell their SFMs and get their profit when crypto is a super volatile market, so when your portfolio bounces from $200,000 to $800,000, I suspect that most people will sell and take their profit. Want to know more?

B&B experienced exactly that. Originally, B&B’s launched Price was only $0.15 and has since grown to over $300. Do not tell me that safeMoon could not make millionaires at 2000 times its launch price.

It was originally introduced on Binance as a utility token for remitting fees and later moved to Ethereum. A majority of other top cryptocurrencies have moved to Binance’s mainnet chain.

Binance Smart Chain:

During Binance smart chain’s launch last year, B&B also became its power supplier.

On Binance Launchpad in 2019, Ayios was used for an ICO. A native token for a new project could be purchased with this coin.

Users on the Binance exchange utilize BNB for trading, paying fees, and making passive income by letting others use their B&B.

Defy developer teams have found Binance’s smart chain attractive due to its speed of transactions and associated small fees, which are significantly lower than those on Ethereum. The use of B&B in device taking and lending outside of the Binance exchange has grown accordingly.

What’s so special if we return to a Safemoon and swallowed exchange?

By holding any cryptocurrency, people will get reflections due to Cryptonomicon. The exact way the fee will be implemented isn’t yet clear, but I suspect it will be done through a trading fee.

Has your wallet been compromised by the same trading fees as Binance but safe in your wallet? Holders of haul statements will receive these trading fees.

It’s free to use, so no wonder safemoon is popular.

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