OneCoin Movie Called Fake! Hollywood Movie Starring Kate Winslet.

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If you haven’t got enough drama from OneCoin constant lawsuits in the courts, you’ll see how this played out on the big screen.


Despite the fact that right now the OneCoin Ponzi scheme makes it’s way through the courts, a film is in development with Titanic’s lead star.

As indicated by Deadline, Kate Winslet has signed on to star and produce Fake!, a film based on an unpublished book by Jen McAdam and Douglas Thompson. McAdam, a victim of the OneCoin scheme, will be a producer on the film.

OneCoin Kate Winslet and Scott Z Burns

Fake! will be directed and written by Scott Z. Burns, who was associated with “The Report”, a political drama based on CIA’s report torture post 9/11 and wrote the 2011 pandemic movie Contagion which also featured Kate Winslet.

OneCoin was founded back in 2014 by Ruja Ignatova in Bulgaria which was a network marketing company with a cryptocurrency twist.

OneCoin Ruja Ignatova

OneCoin guaranteed the world it is the next Bitcoin but wasn’t backed by any blockchain or network.

Regardless of all the alerts from numerous MLM scam buster news sites and government agencies, OneCoin kept on dominating and cultivated the “US VS THEM” attitude.

Anybody that disagrees with us is a hater kinda a mindset.

There are individuals who have contributed over $298,000 and lost everything.

Which is simply very miserable and sad!.

Ruja Ignatova was charged with wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering on May 7th 2017 and she has been missing since then.

Her sibling, Konstantin Ignatova who was an executive in OneCoin, was charged with the similar offenses in March.

OneCoin Konstantin Ignatova

He consented to testify against his sister because she clearly just screwed him over with this.

The investors who are suing OneCoin for fraud alleging losses of up to $5 billion.

Fake! is not the only artwork inspired by OneCoin ponzi scheme.  A TV show based on BBC podcast about Ignatova is in development.

Anyway, looks like people want to make money off of this ponzi scheme that screwed people billions of dollars.

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