NeVetica Review: Legit Pet Care MLM or Scam with disclosure issues?

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Welcome to my NeVetica Review!

If you have been searching for your perfect online business opportunity, chances are you have been overwhelmed by all the choices out there.

Finding the opportunities is easy, but knowing which ones are legit and which ones aren’t is a bit harder.

Reading this review is a great first step towards figuring out if this business is for you.

In my review, I will give you all the information you need about this company’s background, products, compensation plan, and cost to join.

Keep reading!

NeVetica Review (Company)

NeVetica has some expertise in the pet supplies MLM specialty.

Organization was established in 2018 and is based out of Maryland in the USA.

Nevetica Stock

Organizer and CEO of NeVetica is Lance London.

As per his profile:

In 2016, Dr. London arrived home and found Rocky lifelessly laying on his garage floor. After rushing him to the veterinarian, he discovered that Rocky had a massive, life-threatening stroke.

The prognosis was grim and the veterinarian advised Dr. London to put Rocky down.

Rocky had been a part of Dr. London’s life for 17 years at the time of his stroke, so it was vital to Dr. London that every effort be made to save Rocky’s life.

Dr. London started researching every available option to improve a pet’s health and quality of life.

His research led him to two important findings. The first was what pet parents feed their pet plays a huge part in them maintaining great overall health.

He also read about the importance of supplementing our pet’s diet with daily vitamins.

While Rocky never fully recovered from the stroke, he did live for another 2 years with some quality of life. This of course meant everything to Dr. London.

When the stroke first happened, Rocky was barely able to walk. After being on the raw food diet and taking nutraceuticals/vitamins for some time, he became more mobile and active.

Seeing Rocky improve prompted Dr. London to further research the pet industry.

He quickly realize the pet industry was not only recession proof, but that it was also a great market to tap into because of peoples’ love for their pets.

Pet owners comprise 70% of American households, and the pet industry has seen steady growth for the last 18 years.

This gave Dr. London the vision and motivation that he needed to start the company that you know today.

It would seem that NeVetica is London’s first MLM organization.

What’s more, he possesses physical organizations like Carolina Kitchen and TKO Burger.

NeVetica Review Products

NeVetica claims it advances;

innovative products (that) combine high-quality ingredients with the added benefit of customization to help pets maintain longer, healthier lives

Nevetica Products

Pet items highlighted on NeVetica site include:

  • Waterless Shampoo – “No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo offers a two-fold benefit of not only cleaning the skin, but also of potentially healing it”, retails at $29.99 a bottle
  • Anti Itch Pet Spray – “created to help soothe irritated skin, while leaving your pet’s coat soft and shiny”, retails at $24.99
  • Paw Protector – “an excellent way to provide support for your pet’s dry, chapped paws”, retails at $22.99 a tub
  • Wet-A-Way – “absorbs fresh liquid stains from flooring with a unique, fast-acting powder”, retails at $24.99 for small and $29.99 for large
  • Dental Chews – “combats tartar, but also battles bad breath”, retails at $27.99 (available in small or large)
  • Water Additive Mouthwash – “this product supports healthy teeth and gums and it may also help soothe and upset stomach”, retails at $19.99 for a small bottle and $24.99 for large
  • Skin & Coat – “formulated with ingredients to support beautiful, healthy skin and fur for your pet”, retails at $34.99 a tub
  • Multivitamin – “filled with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support the overall well-being of your pet”, retails at $34.99 a tub
  • Hip & Joint – “aims to promote and maintain good joint health”, retails at $35.99 for a small tub and $45.99 for large
  • Digestive Support – “infused with ingredients to support your pet’s digestive system”, retails at $34.99 a tub
  • Calming Support – “fortified and infused with green tea extract and lemon balm powder to help keep your pet relaxed”, retails at $34.99 a tub

An official advertising introduction asserts the items;

products are of the highest quality, made in the USA, and manufactured exclusively by NeVetica.

NeVetica Review Compensation Plan

NeVetica doesn’t have any remuneration plan information on their site.

I just needed to bits it together off of YouTube recordings.

NeVetica Review Ranks

There are 14 positions altogether, yet they don’t generally have any data on the best way to hit them:

  • Pet Consultant –
  • Senior Pet Consultant –
  • Area Pet Consultant
  • Regional Pet Consultant
  • Director
  • Area Director
  • Regional Director –
  • National Director –
  • Vice President –
  • President –
  • International President
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond

NeVetica Review Retail Commissions

NeVetica seems to cover retail commissions at “up to 35%” seven days.

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You can earn upwards to a 35% cash bonus once a week on every NeVetica pet product you sell.

NeVetica Review First Order Bonus

The First Order Bonus settles up to 15% on volume created by new favored clients.

This is paid through a uni-level remuneration plan structure.

Pet Consultants through to Area Directors procure up to 15% on three uni-level group levels (incorporates their own favored clients)

Provincial Directors and higher likewise procure 15% on levels 1 to 3. They procure an extra 5% beginning from level four, until another Regional Director is found in each uni-level group leg.

On the off chance that no Regional Director is discovered, the First Order Bonus pays out the full profundity of the leg.

Residual Commissions

NeVetica pays lingering commissions utilizing the equivalent uni-level remuneration plan as above.


NeVetica covers leftover commissions on six uni-level levels.

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) – 2%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 5%
  • Level 4 – 6%
  • Level 5 – 8%
  • Level 6 – 10%

Uni-level above are limited to rank, yet we don’t have any data on that.

Turbo Infinity Bonus

President and higher positioned NeVetica offshoots fit the bill for Turbo Infinity Bonus.

This beginnings from level 7 of the uni-level group and has no restrictions on the profundity of the level.

Turbo Infinity Bonus seems like a generational reward, yet again they have no data on that.

Income Match Bonus

The Income Match Bonus pays a coordinating level of “part of your downline’s pay”.

This is by all accounts paid 6 ages for each uni-level group leg.

  • Pet Consultants through to Presidents earn a match of up to 25%
  • International Presidents earn a match of up to 33%

Presently they don’t generally characterize what this is, yet this is the thing that I trust it is a result of absence of data.

Leadership Advancement Bonus

The Leadership Advancement Bonus is one-time positioned accomplishment reward beginning at National Director.

  • qualify at National Director and receive $1000
  • qualify at Vice President and receive $2000
  • qualify at President and receive $4000
  • qualify at International President and receive $7500
  • qualify at Diamond and receive $15,000
  • qualify at Blue Diamond and receive $40,000
  • qualify at Black Diamond and receive $100,000

Global Pool Bonus

NeVetica takes 1% of the company-wide sales revenue and placed it into the Global pool.

NeVetica shares the Global Pool Bonus with “top leaders in the company” every quarter.

Sponsored Incentive Trips

NeVetica takes 1% of the vast deals income and put it into the Global pool.

Instructions to turn into a Top Leader isn’t revealed.

Executive Leadership Council

Verbatim from NeVetica’s compensation video;

When you qualify for the Executive Leadership Council, the company will fly you on an all-expenses paid trip to an exclusive meeting with other executive council members and the President of NeVetica.

Plus you’ll receive gifts at the national NeVetica conventions.

They do NOT disclose Executive Leadership Council Qualification Criteria.

Coming Soon Bonuses

NeVetica shares the Global Pool Bonus with “top pioneers in the organization” each quarter.

  1. Management Level Ranking Bonus
  2. Matching Management Level Ranking Bonus
  3. Car Bonus

Cost To Join NeVetica

NeVetica don’t reveal affiliate participation costs on their site.

Outsider sources quote NeVetica merchant costs beginning at $225 and costing as much as $690.

Note that I couldn’t actually confirm these figures.

Final Verdict

Is NeVetica scam or not?

Well, Let’s go through the facts again, shall we?

We realize who runs or possesses the organization.

They do have a pleasant rundown of items you can buy.

The main thing they truly need to enhance is revelation.

NeVetica should be completely straightforward about their remuneration plan structure.

Starting at right now I may hold off until they have more divulgences and more data on their pay plan.

As a client, you can purchase the items and perceive how they work.

Anyway, I trust you making the most of my NeVetica review and on the off chance that you have any inquiries don’t hesitate to remark underneath…

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