Mirror Trading International Offices Raided By SA Authorities

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Mirror Trading International recently got their office in South Africa raided by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

On top of that Clynton and Cheri Marks has been raided…

Mirror Trading

The FSCA raided across Stellenbosch, Polokwane and Durban and seized ‘electronic and telephonic records from cell phones, notebooks, and PCs’.

FSCA directed these assaults by getting warrants for high courts in relevant jurisdictions.

The FSCA is South Africa’s likeness the SEC.

They also supervise securities regulation across the country.

Because they are a what is called as civic agency, they do not have the authority to make any arrests.

All I know is I read a report about a securities fraud warning against MTI back in August and FSCA didn’t reveal any information on how they would be investigating.

The FSCA explained that its next step is to examine the evidence and compare it with other information that it has obtained.

“On conclusion, we will make decisions involving whether we should take administrative steps against any person and or refer the evidence obtained to other bodies.”

FSCA stated in their securities fraud warning;

We are reviewing the information as it becomes available and will involve the South African Police Service if the discrepancies are confirmed.

I did do a full Mirror Trading International review last year and the verdict was it’s a ponzi scheme.

Simply a month ago there was an information spill which affirmed that the organization was running on a $80.2 million USD shortage.

Additionally it indicated all their top earners in the organization.

MTI said it can give up to 10% returns through an exchanging bot.

Despite the fact that they were offering passive returns, they thought the different law apply to them because of the cryptocurrency in nature business.

Indeed, they weren’t right.

You actually need to adhere to the law.

Cheri Marks otherwise called Cheri Ward, was associated with an organization called BTC Global which went under and is believed to deal with the everyday tasks in MTI.

Mirror Trading International CEO Johann Steynberg hasn’t disclosed any announcements about the raids.

There was a voice message shared by Cheri Marks said that these administrative activity were “attacks”.

The FSCA pitched up at our house with fifteen policeman this morning.

Really, is this how nervous we are? But anyway, pitched up at my house with fifteen policeman, while I was having breakfast with my friend and my children.

And proceeded to take all of our laptops, our phones and personal belongings and documentation (that) had no bearing on any investigation that they might have.

According To Cheri Marks, the According to Marks, the seizure warrants were secured on the basis that MTI had failed to prove trading revenue was being used to pay withdrawals.

The thing is making random trades or even live trades doesn’t make them audited financial reports which they are looking for.

She also claims that the FSCA lied to the high court to secure it’s seizure warrants.

They’re going to find proof of trade, which we’ve already given them, and they’re going to find proof of bitcoin balances, which we’ve already given them as well.

This whole situation does not stop anything. We still trade. We’re still gonna make sure that everyone gets their profit today. Withdrawals will still be processed later today.

So literally, this means nothing.

I am not sure Cheri Marks knows if the MTI’s offices also have been raided time of her recording.

Now MTI issued the following statement:

Mirror Trading Statement

It looks like with all the information FSCA, it should be straight forward.

They should have enough data to confirm that trading revenue is not being used to pay affiliate withdrawals.

Plus, judging by the data leak, the FSCA will see they are running on a deficit…

Will let you know what happens from here once I get more information.

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