Mining City And Their Philippine SEC Registration!

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In the new Mining City webinar CEO Gregory Rogowski guaranteed the organization at long last got their license with the Philippine SEC.

Even after the webinar broadcasted, the Philippines SEC have affirmed Mining City is as yet not registered.

Mining City

Only thing I saw was building body of evidence against neighborhood promotors.

Despite the fact that Mining City has a lot of shell organizations, Mining City is owned by Eyal Avramovich.

He owns Mine Best, which is practically a Mining City spin off.

As I would like to think it would seem that Eyal Avramovich put Gregory Rogowski, who is a previous Mine Best representative, responsible for Mining City.

The webinar was held on October nineteenth and had Avramovich, Rogowski and a interpreter (likely for Mining City affiliate investors).

Mining City Webinar

Despite the fact that they basically discussed “haters” and how they are to be faulted for the decrease of BTCV, Rogowski tended to the Philippines SEC securities fraud warning.

[6:07] It originated in the Philippines, where the authorities, the Philippines’ SEC issued a warning against Mining City, saying that we operated without a license.

And this was an eye-opener. It just blew our minds. Suddenly we knew what we had to do.

I for one don’t have a clue how this was an “eye-opener” for both Avramovich and Rogowski.

I am certain they know what was going on.

As of right now Mining City’s website has been blocked from US visitors for some time now.

This is most likely in light of the fact that the US SEC doesn’t mess around and puts down the mallet.

Rodowski claims he didn’t know about this securities fraud, however said the accompanying;

You see, we didn’t really need the license for legal reasons, we could have protested the article… but then we understood what we had to do.

We applied for the license.

The thing is the Philippines SEC made it quite clear they researched Mining City preceding prohibiting it

Plus, the Philippines is not the only country they should be registering in.

They should be registering in every country they have affiliates in.

Okay next Gregory Rogowski drops the greatest snippet of data.

[7:04] Many of you may have already seen this document. We have a confirmation that we have a license for Mining City and for Prophetek and for what we are doing, issued by SEC (in) the Philippines.

Prophetek is a shell organization claimed by Rogowski, giving a stratagem behind Mining City possession.

On paper, Prophetek owns Mining City.

Presently, a little birdie (I won’t make reference to any names), chose to contact the Philippines SEC about Rogowski’s cases and this was the reaction:

Mining City SEC

We wish to inform you that Mining City has not registered with the Commission and does not have THE NECESSARY LICENSE AND/OR AUTHORITY to solicit, accept or take investment/placements from the public nor to issue investment contracts and other forms of securities.

On top of that Oliver Leonardo, the Officer-in Charge of the SEC’s Enforcement and Investor Protection Department proceeded;

However, these fraudsters have failed to consider the governing laws which vary from different countries that have adopted dynamically based on demands of the society including the Philippine Securities Laws which deal with such aspects and imposes a heavy penalty for its noncompliance and/or violations.

Although prosecuting MINING CITY involves intricate matters which requires ample time for proper coordination with the other concerned government agencies, the Commission assures the public that MINING CITY’s members and/or representatives that are still actively offering, endorsing, selling and recruiting others to join said illegal scheme despite our prevailing Advisory will be dealt with accordingly.

We are in the process of gathering information of these representatives to formally file a complaint.

For the time being, we would appreciate it if you could help us educate and warn the investing public on MINING CITY for them not to be preyed by unscrupulous individuals and/or entities making exaggerated and unfounded claims of earning fabulous profits using its illegal scheme.

To make sure you realize Mining City has no executive presence in the Philippines.

Avramovich and Rogowski are both based out Europe.

Presently I don’t know whether there will be any indictment for local Mining City promotors…

Subsequent to lying about Mining City had enlisted with the SEC, Rogowski said the accompanying;

[7:26] This week (the) SEC takes down the warning about Mining City and we are going to promote the fact that we are the only first historically company in the mining industry that operates in what we do with a legal license.

After seven days,, the Philippines SEC warning is STILL on the web.

Rogowski likewise asserts they have “entered licensing processes” in South Korea.

I think what he implies is he will set up more shell organizations since it would appear that that is the thing that he said.

[8:18] by the end of November we will be applying for license. And as time progresses, we will be applying for licenses wherever we need it.

In (the) United States, in Europe, wherever this is required.

I will be straightforward, that webinar was VERY persuading and even had individuals energized.

In any case, you can’t get amped up until you see the PROOF.

As of right now BTCV has plunged and is doing horrible.

I truly hoped Mining City pulled through on the grounds that I know some great chiefs in this organization saying it’s extraordinary.

I don’t pass by extraordinary, I go on legalities.

On the off chance that you state something and it’s totally bogus, you lose completely credibility.

As of right now and and most likely until this organization totally crashes, it will work as a ponzi plot by offering unlawful securities.

I will keep you on top of it in the event that I discover MAYBE quite possibly they pulled it off and got a genuine registration’s in ALL of the nations they are working in however I doubt it.

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