EtherConnect Review: Make up to 17.5 percent ROI Or Scam?

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Is it possible to make up to 17.5 percent ROI (Return of Investment) with EtherConnect? Or is it another scam? I did a complete EtherConnect review to find out the answer. EtherConnect, the new arrival in the multi-level marketing (MLM) game. So, be sure to read the full article to find out the answer.

The topic I am going to cover in the post:

  • EtherConnect Company Background
  • EtherConnect product compensation plan and affiliate membership

I have covered everything you need to know about EtherConnect before you decide to join the company. As there is a lot to know and you need to know every detail, read the full article before making any decision.

Let’s get into it:

EtherConnect Company Background


On the landing page, there is no information. There is no detail about who owns and runs the company. So, you won’t find anything. To find out the answer, I tried to find out more information about the domain. I found out they have registered the domain on 12th January 2021 and updated the website on 20th January 2021. The domain will expire in 2022, but that’s not a big issue because they can continually update the plan. There are yearly, five-year, ten-year different kinds of domain registration plans. As it is not very important, so let’s get into other important stuff.

Based on Alexa Rank’s data, I can see most of the traffic is coming from the United States of America. To find it, go to Alexa Rank and put the company URL. It will show you a ton of data about the website. The free version is limited; you need to pay for more data. You can see the geography of the audience, most visitors by country, and more. For, 86% of its visitors are coming from the United States.

EtherConnect has a good Alexa rank, though. They launched around three months back, and now they are getting 7300 traffic per month. The traffic amount is reasonable. Because that means they have been doing a lot of advertising. They are getting 18.7 unique visitors per day. That’s huge. So, from the traffic point of view, they are doing great.

Etherconnect Rank

In the FAQ section of the website, they mentioned that ether economy is the new face of BitConnect. And if you want to see the proof, you see it on their website. I want to mention about the company is, in the company’s LinkedIn account, they said they are the new face of BitConnect.

If you don’t know what bit connect is, BitConnect was a huge Ponzi scheme. As thousands of people lost their money on it, the US FBI went after them. According to Wikipedia, BitConnect was shut down on 17th January 2018. You can find more about it on Wikipedia. But what BitConnect did was they came up with their own BCC, which means BitConnect Coin, which is pretty much ERC 20 altcoin. So when the price went up to $500, they dumped and grabbed the money. But the funny thing is, EtherConnect calls itself the second version of BCC. It doesn’t make sense. Because if BitConnect was a scam, they are calling themselves a scam!

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EtherConnect product compensation plan and affiliate membership

Let’s discuss the product of EtherConnect. When I was researching their products and services, I found that EtherConnect doesn’t have any retailable products or services. That means they have nothing to sell to you. If you want to be their customer, the only way to become their customer is to become their affiliate. Affiliates get access to investment opportunities. You have an income possibility in their compensation plan.

Now let’s move into EtherConnect’s compensation plan. EtherConnect wants you to invest in ECC. ECC is the EtherConnect coin from the company. I couldn’t find their internal exchange value. But I found a marketing pdf on their website. They have a 365 days timeline ECC distribution plan. To income from their program, you need to be at the affiliate membership level. The sixth level is the reward level. In the pdf, you will also find business strategies and conditions. As I could see, they want you to add as many people as possible to your team. Because they want you to bring more people into their environment, they have referral commissions, return on investment match, and rank rewards.

Etherconnect Sponsor

The compensation plan is all about investing. You invest in EtherConnect, and you also need to invest in recruiting some more members to your team.

ECC is not publicly traded yet. The cost of joining EtherConnect is free. So, you can become an EtherConnect affiliate for free. However, if you want to be part of any of the investment plans, you need to invest a minimum of 50 dollars into ECC. When you give them fifty dollars, they give you ECC. The ECC can’t be traded anywhere else outside their ecosystem. So, when you give them $50, they own it. Because they are to one who decides how much the ECC is going up and down. They own the environment. This also means it costs nothing to print so that they can keep printing as much as they want. It’s not actually printing, but you get the point. Actually, it is creating cash without supporting the cash.

Final Verdict

I am not telling you what to do, or I am not against them. I have done my research and fact check. You are the one to decide. But I don’t trust EtherConnect. The reason is, we don’t know who runs the company. Also, they want you to invest anywhere between fifty to a hundred dollars to get 10 to 17.5 percent monthly ROI. The money is locked into ECC for about a year. They don’t have retail products or services.

Furthermore, any company related to BitConnect is an automatic scam. Also, look at 17.5 percent ROI per month- why do you need a compensation plan or recruiting if you have the ability? They could just put their money there and become a billionaire in a few years. On top of that, ECC is not different from BCC. As I mentioned, BCC is just erc20, which is an altcoin and costs close to nothing to produce. They want you to recruit because that’s how they produce money. The ROI is new investments paying off the existing members. Which makes it another Ponzi scheme like BitConnect. So I don’t recommend them.

On Last Thing

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