Crypto Silva Review: Legit Investment With Up to 9000% ROI Or Scam?

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Crypto Silva

Welcome to my Crypto Silva Review!

Recently I have seen some buzz on internet in regards to this Investment platform, so I decided to take a closer look.

Probably someone approached you about this opportunity and the juicy up to 9000% ROI and you landed here to see whether it is legit or not.

You are in luck my friend! I will go through the company, products and compensation plan with all the details that is there, so you can make a right decision.

Make sure you PAY close attention and read this to THE End.

Crypto Silva Review (Company)

Crypto Silva is an online investment platform, which allows independent investors from all over the world to invest in crypto.

They claim to use Hedge Funds to make trade profitable.

When Landing on their website, there is no information about who runs or owns this company.

I checked their domain registration at and found out that “” has been privately registered on September 2018 and the domain has been updated on August 2020.

Crypto Silva Domain

They do have a UK registration number on their website.

So I went and checked it out.

Based on the UK registration they have incorporated on April 2020, however on their website they are claiming they have been working since 2019.

Crypto silva about us

And this is the UK registration:

Crypto Silva Registration

Obviously they are lying here. They think they can get away with just putting some date and numbers until someone like me comes and do an extensive review on them. Big Red flag folks! they are not transparent.

Next was to check and see if I can find out who is actually behind this company.

Since they weren’t up front on their website about this, I checked their UK registration.

There is a person called ‘Scott Brown’ whom is the director of the company.

Crypto Silva owner

I couldn’t find any digital footprint connecting this person to this company.

Honestly, if a company is legit and the owner is not fake, you should be able to easily find them on LinkedIn.

Moving on to check the traffic to the website.

As of time of writing this post, the main traffic to Crypto Silva is coming from Russia with Ukraine in the second place.

Crypto Silva Rank

Crypto Silva Review (Products)

They don’t have any retail product or services, with all you can do is signup and invest to start earning.

It is similar to BitStil review that I did review on.

Investment Plan

Crypto Silva have 6 investment plan available on their platform.

  • Up to 3% Weekly for 777 Days. Minimum investment $10 and maximum no limit
  • Up to 130% After 1 Day. Minimum investment $10 and maximum $25,000.
  • Up to 1100% After 15 Days. Minimum investment $1000 and maximum $40,000.
  • Up to 2000% After 30 Days. Minimum investment $1500 and maximum $750,000.
  • Up to 4500% After 60 Days. Minimum investment $2000 and maximum $900,000.
  • Up to 9000% After 90 Days. Minimum investment $2,500 and maximum $65,000.
Crypto Silva Plan

Once you open an account with them each of the above options have separated plans that breaks down the ROI based on the amount of money you invest. That is why I have put `Up To X%`.

Referral Commission

Crypto Silva is not very clear about how their referral program works.

They offer up to 10% referral commission. They also say you get a referral commission on every deposit made from your downline.


Based on this I assume it is a simple uni-level structure. However, they don’t say if they have any cap on how far downline you can go.

Again not clear enough!

Cost To Join Crypto Silva

You can sign-up for free. However, you need to deposit at least $10 if you want to start any of the investment plans.

Final Verdict

So is Crypto Silva scam?

Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

We don’t know who runs or owns the company.

They have a UK registration, which is dirt cheap and mostly unregulated which makes it perfect for scammers.

They are not registered with FCA. In the UK, nearly all financial service activities must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Crypto Silva FCA

So it doesn’t matter if you are dealing with stock exchange or Crypto exchange. If you are doing any financial services in UK you need to be registered with FCA otherwise your operation is illegal.

In addition, you have to registered with all the financial regulators of any jurisdiction that you are operating in.

The only income I can see coming in is the new investment paying off the existing members. This is your classic ponzi scheme.

Once the new investments stall, they don’t have money to satisfy the ROI of the exisiting members, causing the company to collapse.

I don’t recommend this company.

I hope you enjoyed my Crypto Silva review and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below…

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