Faith Sloan Confirms CashFX Group is committing Securities Fraud

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Welcome to some news where I found out that Faith Sloan recently got terminated from CashFX Group, however she didn’t go out without uncovering what the company is really doing.

Faith Sloan affirms that CashFX Group is engaging in securities fraud.

On her October ninth Facebook live event, Sloan said it’s an investment opportunity.

[10:04] CashFX is a platform where many people have made some money.

It’s not everyone. Y’know when you talk about the investors that are out there, I had a hard time getting quote unquote investors in. It was easier for networkers but for some, not so easy.

The networkers they didn’t like giving up 30%. Let’s say they want to come in for $100,000; they weren’t happy with 30% of that, or $30,000 going into the product, which to this day isn’t there yet.

[10:38] And then another 20% taken out on the withdrawal. When in essence that 200% (return) ends up being about 160%. So that’s about 60% in ten months, right.

So a lot of investors didn’t like that.

At [59:35] Sloan refers to CashFX Group as an “investment deal”.

What really makes this interesting is that Faith Sloan was sued by the SEC for committing securities fraud with TelexFree back in 2014.[1]

This continued for a very long time and in 2019, she had a last judgment of $778,455.

As a major aspect of Faith Sloan’s judgment, she is prohibited from violating Section 5 of the Securities Act.[2]

Just so you know MLM companies running passive investment schemes do NOT qualify for some exempt.

They ALL need to register in the event that they are in fact offering a passive return on investment.

As of right now CashFX Group or the owner Huascar Lopez are not registered with the SEC.

Despite the fact that Faith Sloan got a judgement and was was advised never to engage with passive return companies, she is committing securities fraud.

Another MLM company I did review on.

What set off Faith Sloan from outing all of this?

Well a couple of days prior from this news fragment, she was terminated for cross recruitment.

The accounts under her mother and daughters name additionally have been terminated.

Faith Sloan claims she didn’t discover directly about the account terminations rather got a message like this that was shared via social media:

Faith Sloan terminated

Simply couple of weeks back, Faith Sloan was promoting QubitTech which is another investment MLM opportunity.

That company is promising up to 250% return on investment.

Currently, Cash FX Group, QubitTech or CEO Greg Limon are NOT registered with the SEC.

Ever since Faith Sloan’s judgement, she hasn’t stopped…

Insane thing is two months after her judgement, she was promoting Cloud Token which is another passive income opportunity.

The sum she made in Cloud Token is unknown, but on her Facebook live she disclosed she had a downline of 11,000 and made $50,000 to $70,000 per month in CashFX.[4]

[18:18] I get about $50,000 to $70,000 a month in CashFX.

Faith Sloan

So overall she made $17 million in sales volume with these 12,000 members.

As of right now she claims to “doing well” with “QubitTech”.

[44:20] With QubitTech, in five and a half weeks, I’ve made $90,000.

As right now the SEC hasn’t followed up with her regarding her constant judgement violation, but things always catch up…

Anyway that’s all I got for now on CashFX Group.

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