ArbiStar Review 2.0: Ponzi Scheme Collapses

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Welcome to my ArbiStar Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to do a bit of research.

Chances are somebody approached you about the business opportunity or their products and you landed here to ensure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan. So you can settle on the correct choice.

Pay close attention and make sure you READ this to the end…

ArbiStar Review Company

ArbiStar operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company is headed up by CEO Santi Fuentes, who is based out of Spain.

In his ArbiStar corporate bio, Fuentes claims to be:

one of the most experienced people in the world of Referral Marketing.

He has led teams of thousands of people with great success.

In 2015 Fuentes emerged as a top investor in MoneyBox TV, another Ponzi scheme.

Fuentes’ Arbistar corporate bio addresses his involvement in fraudulent investment schemes.

He has also known as team leader the failure of some projects where companies were not transparent and cheated their sales teams.

For this reason he is the ideal person to lead Arbistar 2.0.

Prior to getting involved in Ponzi schemes, Fuentes was an Organo Gold distributor.

A marketing video circa 2013 cites Fuentes as an Organo Gold Ruby.

Of note is the current iteration of ArbiStar appears to be a reboot. This is denoted by the “2.0” added to the company logo.

ArbiStar Review Products

The Platform has no retailable products or services. Affiliates only able to market ArbiStar affiliate membership itself.

ArbiStar Compensation Plan

Affiliates invest €100 to €50,000 EUR in bitcoin on the promise of an advertised weekly ROI.

ArbiStar affiliates can also invest €5000 EUR in a “personal bot” product, which is also commissionable.

How Much It Cost to Join ArbiStar

It is free to join ArbiStar Affiliate program.

Participation in the attached income opportunity however requires an investment of €100 to €50,000 EUR.

All payments in ArbiStar (both paid and received) are made in bitcoin.

ArbiStar Ponzi Collapses! Pulls Refunds exit-scam:

Similarly, Appearing in a YouTube video, a plump Santi Fuentes dangled the prospect of refunds to Arbistar victims.

Its collapse shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Rather than admit he was running a Ponzi scheme and, other than what he personally stole, the money is gone.

Santi Fuentes intends to pull a long sixteen month con.

In addition, Appearing in a video on the official ArbiStar YouTube channel on September 14th. Fuentes fed victims the following exit-scam:

The CEO Santi Fuentes explains the reason for the Closure of the Community. Also how the payments will be, a review of the Corporation’s companies and the temporary privatizing of the Arbistar Club.

The payments will be made in the following manner: first those who did not recover the contribution from their account will be paid.

Next will be those who have earned money on their accounts, received more on their return than the contribution they initially contributed.

There will be more than 2000 monthly payments. It is expected to be collected in 16 months but in reality will be much faster.


Ponzi schemes are a zero-sum equation. Therefore, Fuentes can’t pay out more than has been invested.

The money ArbiStar scammers have been withdrawing for over a year and a half is gone.

That creates a deficit, which is why ArbiStar has collapsed.

Standard Ponzi math.

The “refunds” exit-scam model is used for silencing victims for as long as possible. This is done in the hope an admin, Santi Fuentes in this instance, can make a clean escape with the money they’ve stolen.

Therefore, ArbiStar’s sixteen month long refund carrot, which is plenty of time for Fuentes to abscond.

Fuentes ran ArbiStar from Spain. His current whereabouts are unknown.

If Alexa’s traffic estimates are anything to go by, ArbiStar’s victims will primarily be from Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

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